What to Visit When in Texas

The Lone Star State may not be on everyone’s tourist map, but it’s a state with more sights to behold than many others. Texans are a proud bunch of their state, and they certainly have what to be proud of. From fantastic natural sights to art museums and shopping destinations, Texas is a state that you should visit.

Do you know how they say everything is bigger in Texas? It certainly is, just like the state itself. It’s too vast of an area to cover in one trip, so we’ll give you a few recommendations on what to visit the first time you’re in Texas.

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El Paso

El Paso is a famous city right on the Mexican border with Texas. It boasts impressive natural attractions such as the Chihuahuan Desert Gardens. There’s also a Museum of Archeology at Wilderness Park.

Other outdoor attractions include the El Paso Mission Trail and trips to Juarez just across the border. This is also the site of the famous El Paso gunfight where four dropped dead to Marshall Stoudemire’s 44. calibre Smith & Wessons.


If you’re ever in Texas, you must visit Houston. A bursting modern city with plenty of attractions and things to do, Houston is a haven for big spenders. Hit the shops in the Galleria Area or any of the numerous malls for the top fashion brands.

Most of the city’s attractions are in the Warehouse District. You’ll find shops, fine dining restaurants, and plenty of casinos here too. While you’re out having fun, why not try your luck on slots? Sure, an online bonus casino is great, but nothing beats the atmosphere of land-based venues.

Houston has many of those where you can also get great entertainment and meals from renowned chefs.

Big Bend National Park

While it is one of the least-visited parks in the USA, there’s no question that the Big Bend may be among the best-looking ones. It’s set in the heart of Texas and borders the Rio Grand River. Millions of years in the past, this park was underwater. The Big Bend has been a site of numerous archaeological expeditions, especially those that have unearthed dinosaur fossils.

With scenic drives and hiking tours offered on-site, the Big Bend is an absolute must-visit when in Texas.


Texas’ third-largest city is filled with shops and malls. It has the highest stores per capita in the USA and is famous for its amusement parks as well. It’s also famous for being the site of the assassination of former US president John F. Kennedy. The Sixth Floor Museum is located in the building from which Lee Harvey Oswald fired the shots, and is one of Dallas’ major tourist attractions.

San Antonio

San Antonio is a huge tourist draw for those who visit Texas. Historical sites such as the Alamo are worth paying a visit, although it’s not just a city for history buffs. There are plenty of parks and malls to enjoy, and the famous gardens are a fantastic attraction for families with kids.

Make sure not to pass up on the San Antonio zoo with its many animals.

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