A List of the Top Weekend Holiday Destinations in the United Kingdom

Thanks to the historical significance of the UK and its diverse attractions, you have a lot of chances to have the best weekend break of your life just by staying within our shores. Indeed, the country is sure to delight everyone, from couples to families to groups of friends and colleagues just itching to get away for a spell and enjoy themselves whilst taking in the myriad attractions a place has to offer. But whilst you can always go off in your car and see what the next city or countryside has in store, some places are a better hit than most – be it the combination of sea and sun or the historical or cultural attractions that abound. So if you want to make the most of your weekend break, here’s a list of the top weekend holiday destinations in the United Kingdom.

The Cotswolds 

The Cotswolds has its innate charm and appeal, and many visitors come back again and again to this idyllic location. It’s pretty, and you can get there in just two hours and explore the six areas that comprise it. The Cotswolds is known for its flora and fauna and quaint and charming villages, and if you want to go hiking on one of the most beautiful hiking trails you’ll ever traverse, the Cotswold Way is the best. If you’re going to explore other nearby towns whilst you’re there, go to Bristol for a few hours or visit Bath, which is renowned for its ancient Roman baths (of course). 


Another pleasant enclave and known for its premier university is Oxford, and it’s only a 50-minute or so trains ride away from the capital. If you like medieval architecture, Oxford is a thrill with its colleges and the famous Bridge of Sighs, which goes across a road and joins two structures in Hertford College. If you are traveling with a group or family, one thing you can do for the best accommodations in Oxford (and most other popular destinations within the UK) is looking for big houses for rent, which boast everything from indoor and outdoor pools to tennis courts, cinema rooms, game rooms, and more. Finally, don’t forget to visit Christ Church College if you’re a Harry Potter fan, as it was the inspiration for Hogwarts Great Hall in the films. 


Bristol is under two hours’ journey from London, which makes it another excellent weekend break destination. For your weekend break in Bristol, exploring the historic port is a must-do, and it features a collection of museums and galleries plus shops and options for entertainment. Of course, a visit to Bristol wouldn’t be complete without going to the Bristol Aquarium and the At-Bristol Science Centre, especially if you’ve got your brood in tow, but make it a point to visit the SS Great Britain as well, which is the first passenger ship built with an iron hull. 


Kent is aptly called the Garden of England, and it lives up to its reputation indeed. If you love mild weather (and who doesn’t?), Kent is a sure delight. You can stay for your weekend holiday in Canterbury, which has the best medieval architecture. Whilst you’re there, Canterbury Cathedral is another must-see, and if you want to go a bit further, go on a short drive to Dover and be amazed at its stunning white cliffs and castle.

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