How to Effectively Use the Power Of 10 Gbps Dedicated Servers for Business

Several companies offer residential internet at fast speeds of up to 1gbps. However, are you aware of the advancements that have been made for server connections? A good number of hosting providers offer hosting services at speeds of 100 Mbps or less, yet they have numerous users. That is because they market their services aggressively and do not disclose all details about their products, not to mention user ignorance. Some companies decline to disclose bandwidth speed altogether, while others only disclose when you ask specifically. Datacenter connectivity has seen a massive innovation recently with network connections of up to 10 Gbps. Although this option is relatively new, you can check out ServerMania 16 core dedicated servers to scale your business. In this post, we discuss 10 Gbps servers and how you can use them for your business. Take a look.

What are 10 Gbps Servers?

10 Gbps servers are computer networking technologies that transmit Ethernet frames at 10 Gigabits per second. They use routers, switches, and cables specifically designed to facilitate 10 Gbps speeds. While it might be easy to downplay the power of 10 Gbps servers in theory, here is an outline of how they perform in real life:

  • A 20 TB file downloads in 5 hours and 22 seconds
  • A 1 TB file downloads in 15 minutes and 1 second
  • You can download a server backup of 200GB in just under 3 minutes
  • You can download a standard HD movie of about 25 GB in just 22 seconds
  • A 2 GB Linux ISO file takes 1 second to download

It is clear that 10 Gbps servers are out-of-this-world fast. With the digital scene changing fast, businesses have to invest in more reliable connections than the outdated 1 Gbps servers. The servers you use for your business should never be slower than home broadband network speeds. That is because users would experience poor user experience and slower loading speeds, leading to a loss of revenue.

VPN Providers

VPN hosting providers can benefit immensely from 10 Gbps dedicated servers. VPN servers carry more than a thousand users at a time, tunneling their internet traffic through the designated server. This can overwhelm the server, leading to low speeds for all users. Although a single VPN connection may be limited to 1 Gbps, you require 10 Gbps to accommodate network spikes and ensure concurrency. Your users will enjoy optimum user experience, ultimately boosting your business.

Big Data And AI

Big Data and AI applications require fast access to data so they can, in turn, offer fast insights. Access to data of anything below 10 Gbps would be detrimental for anyone in this business. Your AI engines would inevitably slow down, limiting their ability to provide you with real-time insights for your data. Big Data and AI largely depend on data, and as such, you would require immense data speeds to operate optimally.

If you collect large amounts of data daily, 10 Gbps dedicated servers are a no-brainer for your business. They facilitate the transfer of lots of data quickly, saving time and optimizing data processing operations.

Learning Management Systems

Online education today has evolved to include more than just text distribution. Most courses have online exams, interactive sessions, and videos that necessitate numerous concurrent users. If you provide additional forums like Q&A, groups, and forums, hosting of 100 Mbps may not be sufficient.

Also, many students are likely to leave the course if the video is buffering or your interactive sessions are too slow. If you value your reputation and revenue, you require a bandwidth of 10 Gbps to ensure your students enjoy a smooth experience.

Other Applications That Need 10 Gbps Dedicated Servers

  • Web hosting providers can attract more clients with the 10 Gbps feature, which is more than most data centers offer
  • Since audio and video streaming requires a large bandwidth based on the number of devices streaming from a server, you can optimize the experience for your users with a 10 Gbps dedicated server, ensuring fast loading speeds and no buffering for videos.
  • If you run a high-traffic website where users download files, you must invest in a server with a large enough throughput and bandwidth for optimum customer experience.

Above everything else, ensure you partner with a provider who will disclose the bandwidth speed for all the products they offer. You can scale your business with 10 Gbps dedicated servers to maintain existing users and attract new ones.

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