Run Two WhatsApp Accounts on One Phone without any Third-Party Apps

In today’s generation, almost all the smartphones come with dual sim card slots and users are using two deferent phone numbers in one phone. That’s why users want to use two WhatsApp accounts on a single phone. So here, the first thing is you can not use more than one WhatsApp account on a single device officially. But however, some mobile phone companies like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Huawei, and some others are providing “Dual Apps” or “App Cloner” which allow the user to use two applications on a single phone.

This means you can use two Whatsapp accounts on a single phone without any required software or any other application. But if you are an iOS user, you can’t run a dual account on a single iPhone. Because there are no features of the cloning app or using dual WhatsApp accounts.

How to Use Two WhatsApp in Single Phone?

So if you are an Android user, then let’s start with the step by step guide to using dual account in single phone:

  • Go to “Play Store” and Install the Whatapp application if you haven’t installed it on your phone.
Install the Whatapp application
  • Now, Go to the “Settings” by clicking the Gear Icon of your phone.
  • Scroll down the “Menu” and Find “Dual App” or “Twin App” or “Clone App” or “App Cloner” or “Dual Messenger” (depend upon the brand of your phone) from the Menu and click on that.
  • Now you will get a number of applications list which supports app cloning. Click on the “WhatsApp” icon.
  • To set up another account “Turn on” the cloning by clicking the Icon.
  • Now you will see two WhatsApp icon showing on your phone one named as Whatsapp and the second named as Whatsapp(Cloner).
  • Open the App(Cloner) and click on “Agree and Continue”.
  •  Enter your  “Mobile Phone number” on the box and wait to “verify” yourself.

 Now you can use the Dual WhatsApp account in a single device without any hassle.

Note: There are some Android phones such as Android one which does not offer the appealing features on their phones. So they can use third-party app cloner applications such as DoubleApp, Parallel, and more applications that are easily available on Google Play Store and you don’t be charged for those applications. or if you don’t want to use third-party apps, then you can also do one thing is you can install WhatsApp Business to use two WhatsApp.

If you are using an old smartphone and your device has not the Cloning features, you can also use the third –party clone app tool.

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