Top 10 Vegetarian foods at Bengali reception

Choosing a dish is really difficult when you are a pure non-vegetarian and you are inside a pure vegetarian restaurant. But just think how difficult it is for people to choose the right menu when it is a completely vegetarian Wedding function that has elaborate rituals and big decorations for marriage hall in Kolkata.

Sounds impossible right? But the answer is no. 

1. Paneer Pasanda

Two pieces of paneer, sandwiched with a spicy coriander and mint paste that is again fried with a batter of rice flour or besan mix. Served as a starter in the caterers of Kolkata

2. Vegetable Chop

Mixed vegetables like beetroot, carrots, beans, peas, potato or even sweet potato. Finely crushed together into a fine mix, and then churned into balls. In the banquet halls these balls are coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried in oil. 

3. Paneer Pakora

Similarly fried like vegetables chop, or pasanda but here the inside matter is of paneer cubes. Marriage halls in Kolkata keep these really bite size for the guests. 

4. Malai Kofta

These lovely koftas can be considered as a main course as well as a starter. Banquet Halls serve this in its native white malai colour that is just too delicious to have at. 

5. Butter Naan

Naans are just irreplaceable when it comes to the Marriage halls in Kolkata. But this particular bread is really soft and tasty as well. But one needs a fibe tandoor and a roasting tub for cooking is the ultimate bread in a banquet hall. 

6. Rumali Roti

Soft as hell, but this particular bread is extremely large because it is stretched big over to fit the backside of a karai. Not fried, but roasted live and served hot at the marriage halls in Kolkata. 

7. Vegetable Biryani

Some people sat, that biriyani can never be without meat but this myth is left utopian with the wonderful taste of vegetable biryani. Fine blend of sorted veggies, and fine olive oil, few pieces of paneer or even peas. The beautiful blend of biryani spices with that of basmati rice makes it a must have at the banquet halls. 

8. Paneer Butter Masala

To be honest, this is a must have when it is about a vegetarian menu. The beautiful blend of paneer with the buttery gravy and a nice blend or coriander leaves and chillies. This is a complimentary dish served alongside naan at Marriage halls in Kolkata. 

9. Channar Dalna

People think vegetarian menus only have paneer. But that myth is left far away with the amazing taste of Channa in the banquet halls of Kolkata. The amazing taste of soft cottage cheese, which is similar to the texture of paneer, but far more tasty and porous.

10. Kashmiri Alu

Almost like dum aloo, but better. The cravy is a concoction of peanuts, and coriander with some amazing kasuri Methi. Just a lovely dish that completely goes with almost anything. Rice, royi, nun, puri or even beside paratha. Served with great glory beside kachoris at Marriage halls in Kolkata with a blend of oil.

Weddings at Marriage halls in Kolkata are really easy and beneficial for the customer. It has enormous amounts of dishes and an ocean filled with cuisines. So, the banquet halls are never empty of choices actually.

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