The Dos and Don’ts of Web Design in 2023

Web design changes as technology changes. With the shifting trends and computer technology advancements, web design in 2023 will be slightly different.

Still, there are several do’s and don’ts when it comes to web design. Being exposed to hundreds of websites, internet users have a fairly good idea of which sites are good and which ones are over-the-top.

If you are a professional web design company, you want to attract clients and maintain your current list by observing what you should and should not do to a website.

Top Things to Do in Web Design 

It is not enough to just put in the text, graphics, images, or video, add colors, and that’s it. The designer has to follow web design principles and understand all the elements’ relationships, among other factors.

Here are the things that you should do as a web designer as recommended by Oklahoma City Web Design Company.

1.  Consult with your client

As a web designer, you have some creative freedom. But the first thing you should do it to consult with your client. You have to find out what they need, the website’s purpose, their preferences, and their target audience. You have to understand the client’s persona, and you have to know their competition.

2.  Choose the right domain name

The domain name should be easy to remember; thus, it needs to be unique and to the point. As a professional web design company, you should advise your client that the company name is the most effective because of the instant recall, as long as it does not exceed 14 characters. Moreover, the URL should match the image of the brand.

3.  Use cascading style sheets

CSS or cascading style sheets will still be around. Use CSS to ensure that your design remains consistent, helping you use the same color palette, fonts and rules on every page of the site. In web design, using CSS saves time and helps avoid errors that can turn off users.  

CSS makes any page similar in style to the rest of the web pages, which reminds visitors that they are still using the site. Since the static elements are in the same place, users can easily navigate the page.

4.  Learn from top designers 

Keep up to date with the latest trends. But aside from knowing what’s trending, it is essential to learn from experts like Oklahoma City Web Design Company in the field. Their experience in web designing is extensive, and some of them are award-winning. You should keep a close look at how they use the web elements and how they use innovative methods in layouting and arranging essential elements within the page.

5.  Create a focal point

A website’s goal is to attract users. So choose a focal point, depending on the company’s goal. If they want to sell a particular product, all the page elements should encourage the visitor to buy. Use high-resolution product shots; include photos of the product in use if available, arrows, QR codes and calls to action to ensure that the user will be encouraged to make a purchase.

Top Don’ts in Web Design 

Some of the things you should definitely avoid include the following:

1.  Don’t forget mobile users

Users of mobile devices will be one of the biggest web users in 2023. So you should not forget to optimize the site for mobile devices; otherwise, users will look for other sites. See to it that the site is easy to navigate and loads quickly, considering these devices’ screen size.

2.  Don’t use all the colors available

Colors may be attractive, but you must use colors minimally. Putting as many colors as possible may look attractive to some, but it turns off more people. Choose an accent color to complement the others or use the color that identifies the brand. It’s all right to have some contrasting color if you want a CTA to stand out, for example.

3.  Don’t forget to code correctly

Proper coding is critical in web design. You do not want the site to load partially or crash while a user is trying to add products to their shopping cart. Internet connection today is faster, so a website should be able to load within 15 seconds. A web user is typically impatient, so if a site does not load quickly, the site will lose potential traffic that could become customers.

When you are into web design, it is essential to know what you can and cannot do. Follow the basic principles and keep up with the trends so you can design better websites for 2023.

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