What is Amazon Seller Reinstatement: Things You Need to Know

Running a seller account on Amazon is not easy. But if one fine day you realize that Amazon suspended your seller account, it can cause massive panic. But don’t worry. The amazon reinstatement process will help you get back your account. However, you should know to avoid a few things when amazon suspends your account. 

1. Don’t Rush to Submit the First Appeal 

You have searched on Google with the words “Amazon suspended my account” to find out what you should do. You have learned that you need to submit an appeal to Amazon. Even though it is an appropriate measure, you should not rush into submitting your first appeal. You should take time to offer a proper request to Amazon Appeal Services. Amazon rarely reinstates a seller account on the first attempt. You will need a proper Amazon POA to utilize your appeal button.  

2. Don’t Open a New Account

People often commit the mistake of creating a new account on Amazon seller central if their existing account gets suspended. All sellers should strictly follow Amazon’s intellectual property policies. The company takes intellectual property claims very seriously. So, a suspended business account may take a lot of time to get reactivated. But opening a new account will further increase your complications. 

3. Don’t Use Fake Documents

Amazon Dropshipping can often lead to suspension of your account if you don’t abide by the rules. So, you should be careful about removing your listings when they are out of stock. Sellers using Amazon FBA should also be careful. It revolves around letting Amazon pack and ship the products of a particular seller. The company produces many invoices throughout the day. So, it is easy for the company to spot fake documents. However, people often make the mistake of creating forged or manipulated supplier documentation

4. Don’t Be Rude To Seller Performance 

Amazon B related account suspensions can be frustrating. But you need to remember only the Seller performance Team can help you out. You should always refrain from using inappropriate language with Seller Performance. Even if you end up losing your calm, you should immediately apologize. 

5. Don’t Blame Buyers 

Sellers on websites like Amazon and eBay often make the mistake of blaming customers when their accounts get suspended. However, it is the wrong thing to do. Amazon is a customer-centric company, and the A-Z claim assistance ensures a good experience for the sellers. A seller might experience ASIN removals but blaming the buyers is not an appropriate solution. Instead, you should provide a proper POA to mitigate the issue. Sellers should never pressure customers for negative feedback removal. It can further complicate your account reinstatement process. 

Final Thoughts

You should avoid doing the things discussed in this article if your seller account gets suspended. You must remember to abide by the rules of Amazon if you want seller account suspension protection. Additionally, do not panic as careful steps can help in reversing account suspensions.     

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