What Kinds Of Jobs Can You After Choosing The Second Career Program?

The Ontario Province in Canada runs a unique career program targeted at those who are looking to relaunch their careers. Aptly named as the “Second Career” Program, this initiative helps people who were laid off or are working temporary jobs to cover their household costs.

The Second Career program helps these people acquire skills for professional roles that are currently in demand. The program provides financial support up to CAD$ 28,000 for pursuing a course, program tuition, books, manuals, living allowance or childcare.

You can uplift the Second Career Program and explore roles in all the trending industries. Here are a few relevant examples of jobs after the Second Career Program.

  1. Occupational therapist: Canada has a huge aging population who require physical or occupational therapy to combat pain in the limbs or restricted movements. That’s why the role of an occupational therapist is in demand. As per the Canadian Labor department, there can be a 36% increase in occupational therapy jobs over the next decade. You can earn a decent income on the job as well—surveys report that the median income for an occupational therapist is more than CA$ 115,00.
  2. Digital marketer: Digital marketing techniques and strategies are an integral part of the future of the marketing domain. Digital marketers utilize analytics and social media channels to engage with the general public and customers digitally. They also handle multi-channel marketing campaigns, customer analysis, and client communication across digital media. As per Glassdoor.com, the median income of digital marketers is around CA$ 55,000 per annum.
  3. Project manager: Project management is an upcoming administrative technique that focuses on breaking down large targets into smaller achievable objectives. Project management can help you efficiently meet targets with fewer resources and time. Project management skills are considered an essential attribute for any senior management position in Canada and the rest of the world. As per PMI data, the median annual salary for certified project managers is over CA$ 100,000.
  4. Public health specialist: Roles like public health specialists allow you to combine your scientific curiosity with the satisfaction of achieving social change. Public health specialists in different government and international health bodies research trends on community or global health. They also come up with effective strategies to promote good health and prevent diseases. As per Payscale.com, the median yearly income for public health specialists ranges from CA $ 50,000 to CA$ 80,000.

Apart from these roles, you can look for jobs in data analytics, supply chain management, cybersecurity, financial management or business administration. You can also work as a fundraising specialist, a PR manager, actuary or a data scientist.

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The Second Career Initiative can prove to be a boon especially if you are laid off and want to go back to school to enhance your profile. You must however remember to look for colleges that offer courses approved under the program.

Look for appropriate Second Career qualified programs that match your personal and professional aspirations.

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