Who Uses Kubernetes? Companies, Industries, & Use Cases

Google unleashed Kubernetes onto the world in 2014 when the tech company needed a tool that successfully managed and scaled containerized applications. Kubernetes increased in popularity due to its easy integration with cloud computing services. 

The simplicity of Kubernetes is that the software automates the complex process of creating, deploying, and monitoring virtual machine containers. Hosted Kubernetes use open innovation to enhance digital transformation virtually anywhere.

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is open-source orchestrating software used to manage microservices across distributed clusters of nodes. Kubernetes uses containerized applications that automatically scale, distribute, and manage fault tolerance. 

Large and small companies use Kubernetes to manage and deploy applications more efficiently. And larger companies with more significant needs may use multiple Kubernetes clusters in combination with a Kubernetes platform.

Who Uses Kubernetes?

Over 26,000 companies and organizations of all sizes use Kubernetes. These businesses and corporations range from government organizations like FEMA. Here is a list of companies and industries that use Kubernetes and practical use cases.

Major Companies 

The following are examples of major companies that use Kubernetes.


The company that started it all launched the first official version in July 2015. Since then, Google has made over 900 contributions to the Kubernetes project and allows organizations to run Kubernetes on the Google Cloud Platform through the Google Container Engine (GKE) 

Capital One

The financial service known for its credit cards uses Kubernetes to increase fraud detection and make quick credit decisions. Kubernetes allows the company to launch apps as quickly as two weeks and estimates that AWS would cost three or four times more without Kubernetes.

The New York Times

The second-largest newspaper in the world runs the GKE through the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to increase the deployment speed of its circulation. The Kubernetes unified system allows the New York Times to replace many of its in-house tools.

Top three industries

The following are examples of the top industries that use Kubernetes.

Computer Software

The computer software industry is, by far, the largest industry that uses Kubernetes regularly. With over 8,000 companies using Kubernetes, the computer software industry makes up 30% of the market share.

Information Technology and Services

With computer software taking the top spot, it makes sense that information technology and services would follow. These services meant to design, develop, implement, and manage computer-based information systems comprise 14% of the market.

Financial Services

Capital One uses Kubernetes to detect fraud and make quick credit decisions. Kubernetes is a powerful tool in the financial services industry. Its nearly one thousand users make up the third-highest industry in the Kubernetes field.

Three Kubernetes Use Cases

The following are examples of use cases of three companies and how they used Kubernetes. 

Amazon EC2

Part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) allows users to run their computer applications on Amazon’s virtual computers. Kubernetes use deployment, maintenance, and scaling processes to run containers on Amazon’s EC2 clusters.


The financial data analytics company got on board with Kubernetes during its infancy in 2015. The goal was to decrease the processing time and free up operational tasks, which worked. A case study revealed that Kubernetes utilizes the company’s hardware with up to 95% efficiency.

Pokemon Go

Since the popular augmented reality application launched, Pokemon Go has had more than 500 million downloads worldwide and 20 million active users. Niantic Inc. looked to GKE to solve its increased heavy traffic issues. 

By organizing their container clusters and bringing them to manageable levels, Niantic Inc. improved its user experience and added new features.

In conclusion

Nearly 70,000 companies that vary in size and scope use Kubernetes. The open-source orchestrating software benefits any company from any industry that is in need of simplifying its application management and deployment.

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