10 Things You Should Keep In Mind While Making A Travel Vlog

If traveling sets you free, vlogging can make you eternal.

A travel blog lets your followers marvel at the scenic beauty of a place they have never visited. They will admire how you explored the spot, the food you ate, the way you stayed, and everything else. And the best thing is – everything is real.

While it is true that a travel vlog can be an excellent way to publish your travel sojourns visually and help others to plan similar trips, a poorly designed video can do more harm than good.

Fortunately, there are many free resources, like this website, which allow you to create incredible videos for free. However, making a high-quality travel vlog requires more than a passion for traveling. You may need to keep various factors in mind to make your vlog the best in class.

The Top-10 Tips to Create a Top-Class Travel Vlog

1. Break the Ice With Your Audience

First thing, first! You are what your audience wants you to be.

Despite trying hard, you cannot make all viewers your followers. And in platforms like YouTube and Instagram, not having enough loyal followers can ultimately defeat the purpose of making a travel vlog.

Generally, the audience stays loyal to the channels they like and the ones they can connect to.

Hence, before shooting your first travel video, take some time to introduce yourself. Let your viewers associate with you. Allow them to understand your style and passions.

Ask yourself the question, ‘Why will I create travel videos and for whom?’, before creating the introductory video. The answers you receive will guide you through the rest of the process. 

For example, if you prefer creating videos that capture a place’s cinematic beauty, you may choose a fast-cut, shoot-and-run style.

2. Learn to Exclude

As a travel vlogger, the worst mistake you can ever commit is to capture every moment or every shot you consider unique and put those in the video.

As a fact, you are making a video to show your audience how exhilarating your journey was. But when you focus too much on capturing every minute detail of the trip, you miss enjoying the tour, and in some cases, may bore the audience.

A better approach would be to include a snapshot of everything you did on the trip. Hence, if you are on a seven-day tour and want to tell the audience what you ate, include only the meal you consider the best and not all meals you had during the trip.

So, before knowing what to include, you must learn what you should exclude.

3. Select What Type of Video You Want to Make

Generally, travel vlogs are of two types – chronological or activity-based.

In a chronological vlog, the traveler takes you through their daily activities. So, they would release the first part on day 1, the second part on day 2, and so on. In these videos, they include everything they did during the day.

In an activity or place-based vlog, you explore the subject thoroughly. Hence, if you are a foodie and on a trip to Portland, Oregon, you can make a video on the 600+ food carts and the unique delicacies your audience can get there.

Hence, selecting the right type of video is a stepping stone to success in vlogging.

4. Make Your Videos Brief

Following this tip can be challenging. As a travel vlogger, each video clip is close to your soul. They convey emotions, and trimming them might seem an absurd proposition.

However, if you look at the best travel videos that have made the right impact on social media platforms, you will notice that none of these videos crosses three minutes.

Also, try not to make it didactic. A video where the traveler speaks for more than 30 seconds is considered didactic and may repel viewers.

5. You are a Star

Come on! It is your video. And, you are the driving force behind the story.

Let your video talk about you (not in words, though). Treat the camera as your best friend and guide the readers in as many words as you feel necessary. Please do not overdo it, though.

Shooting yourself extensively can have two benefits. Firstly, it satisfies the audience’s craving, as they are most likely coming back to your channel because your style appealed to their taste. Secondly, many years later, you will feel happy when you take a look at the video.

6. Involve Locals

If you want to make your video authentic, welcome a few locals to make a guest appearance in your vlog.

Including others in your video can add a unique charm to your videos. As a fact, the locals would know more about a place than you. Hence, when you invite them to enlighten others, you make the video more informative and a treat to watch.

7. Shoot Right, Not Tight

Holding the camera properly is as crucial as visiting an exotic destination.
When you hold a handheld camera too tightly, it tends to jerk.

Hence, it is better to modulate your hands according to the vibrations of your body. It is good to use a tripod as frequently as you can.
If you are shooting an on-the-go video, ensure that the camera is top-class. The biggest turn-off in a travel vlog is a video that shakes. 

Alternatively, you may use the various video stabilization tools that come for free with video editing tools or purchase a camera with the in-built image stabilization feature.

8. Stay Calm Before Releasing the Video

The urge to publish a video might be irresistible. But, when you are shooting the video and editing it quickly, you are likely to get emotional and make mistakes.

It is wise to keep the vlog aside for a couple of days, so you can get back to it later and point out the things that need trimming or addition. After all, the best video is created by brains, and brains need rest.

9. Watch, Watch, and Watch – Travel Videos

Before shooting, it’s essential to observe how others approach a subject.

Mr. Ben Brown or Fun For Louis can be an excellent starting point for you if you are a newbie in the field. Astonishingly, when you watch the various travel vlogs, you will discover that the majority of the tips we talked about in this article resonates with the travel blogs.

10. Use a Professional Editing Software

Who said that to become a professional video blogger, you need to spend a fortune on editing software.

With the free intro maker without any watermark at your service, creating the best in the class video is a cakewalk. Use the software’s many innovative features to experiment with your video and publish when you are satisfied with the editing.


A good travel vlog makes you happy. An excellent travel vlog makes others happy. Aspire to make the best travel vlog to rise and shine as a travel vlogger.

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