Try Something New – These Unusual Casino Games are Worth Seeking Out

If you’ve ever spent an evening at a casino, you’ll know what to expect. Plenty of slot games, and a selection of the casino classics like blackjack, roulette, three-card poker, and baccarat. As online casinos have established themselves in the marketplace, they have done so by following a similar model, offering the casino games that gamblers know and love. 

However, in the past couple of years, the online casino space has become increasingly competitive, especially in rapidly growing iGaming markets like India. Today, you can visit more Indian gambling sites than ever before, and each of them is constantly looking for ways to differentiate itself from the rest. An obvious way of doing so is to offer something a little out of the ordinary within its casino game portfolio. Here, we explore some unusual casino games that you won’t find everywhere but are well worth seeking out. 

Bac Bo 

This deceptively simple game is a combination of baccarat and sic bo. In baccarat, Player and Banker are each dealt two cards, there is a convoluted set of rules that dictates whether they are dealt a third, and the winner is the one whose total is closest to nine. Bac bo replaces the cards with dice, and this time it’s just two each. The house edge is just 1.13 percent, which is a good reason in itself to give the game a try. 


Traditionally played in rural pubs in eastern England, cribbage is a complex game that would not seem an obvious choice for the casino. However, developer 1×2 gaming decided to give it a try, and their admittedly simplified version of the game has become something of a cult classic in online casino circles. Player and dealer are each dealt a four card hand and there is a community card known as the crib. They score points for poker-type hands such as pairs, flushes and so on, in a race to a pre-determined target. 

Double exposure blackjack

Tinkering with the most popular casino game ever, and one that has not changed in more than 200 years, is brave. However, several developers have risked it and produced variations on traditional blackjack. In double exposure, both the dealer’s cards are revealed from the outset, meaning more information for better decision making. However, note that this means payouts are reduced, too, and as a result, the house edge is slightly higher. It’s an interesting game to try, but you will probably return to the traditional game once you’ve satisfied your curiosity. 

Saigon 5-card

Here’s a game that’s not at all unusual in far eastern casino venues like Macau but is only starting to appear in online casinos in the wider world. It is played using a full deck of cards plus a joker, and players can essentially bet on three aspects. 

The ante bet compares the player’s hand with the dealer’s, the pot hand is against the other players and the bonus is a side bet based on the poker ranking of your 5-card hand. There’s no extra dealing or holding involved, so the game is actually quite simple to learn and to play.

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