Top 5 Best Omega Watches To Gift Your Partner

Although gift-giving is not as important as telling your loved ones how much you love them, it is an excellent way of expressing your feelings to your partner through the act of giving. After all, action indeed speaks louder than whatever comes out of your mouth. These gifts are also a symbolism of your appreciation for their hard work to make the family better and happier.

A watch is an excellent example of a perfect gift. Aside from it is a great tool to monitor time, it is also a worthy investment, improves the style, and most importantly, a great reminder that every time you spend with your partner is precious. But we are not talking about some simple watches here; we’re talking about one of the best timepieces in the market, the Omega Watch.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

What better way to start this list than with the most famous watch of the brand. I am referring to the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch. Buzz Aldrin made this timepiece famous when he wore Speedmaster Professional Chronograph in 1969 when he made the historic first lunar landing ever since the watch became part of every NASA’sNASA’s missions.

Aside From the watch’s historical value, Many people buy it because of its classy look, precision in timekeeping, and quality. It is a 42mm in diameter watch that is liked by a five-arched-links-per-row strap that is made out of steel has a back case embossed with seahorse medallion and a hesalite front cover.

Omega Seamaster PloProf

This work of art timepiece was launched in the year 1970. It was made to be a dive watch that could withstand extreme pressure under the ocean hence the name PLoProf. But before it was named PloProf, this watch was called Seamaster Professional 600. The name Ploprof comes from the French phrase “plongeur professionnel,” which means professional diver.

This timepiece utilizes a screwed-in crown with a protective buffer found on the left side of the watch, something that is unusual for Omega watches because most of their watches’ crowns can be located on the other side of the timepiece. The watch’s previous version has a ceramic bezel, titanium case and utilized Master Chronometer and Co-Axial Calibers.

Omega Constellation Co-Axial

1952 when the brand launched the Constellation Collection, but in 1982 the brand released another version of the watch called Constellation Manhattan that presents the signature “claws” found on both sides of the timepiece. These claws keep the sapphire crystal in place and keep the watch water-resistant. It was drastically changed in the year 2009.

Despite all the changes the watch went through over the years, it is still evident that the vintage watches influence the overall design of the timepiece, and its iconic claws and star remain. It possesses a classic design that offers various colors, materials, and dials that will suit every man and woman. 

Omega Seamaster Diver 300m

Another iconic timepiece from the company is their Omega Seamaster Diver 300m. This sporty watch is iconic because of its association with James Bond when he traded his Rolex for this unique timepiece that he wore in the film Casino Royale in 2006. This watch is a water-resistant watch.

Omega De Ville Prestige

The last one on our list is one of the most popular watches of the company, the Omega De Ville Prestige. The timepiece offers a white dial, a vintage design, but it is not only made for aesthetic purposes because it also provides efficient mechanical movement. This watch is perfect for any event, whether it’s a formal or informal occasion.

One of the collection’s unique features is its date window, which is a small window found in the dial of the watch that shows the date. Every timepiece on the collection has unique features; some may have an indicator of power reserve. When picking from this collection, you also have an option whether you want the strap in leather or stainless steel.


Watch is a massive part of our lives, we wear it at school, in our jobs, when we go out with our friends. It is amazing how, despite its size, a timepiece can mean so much; aside from its importance in monitoring time, many people use it to improve their fashion style, impress people, and be a symbolism of hard work and success.

Omega is such a fantastic watch brand that makes timepieces that are unique and functional but still provides precision for giving time. Since its launch more than 150 years ago, the company has never failed to deliver high-quality and beautiful timepieces that provide luxury and provide the user an extra boost in confidence, making their watches a great gift.

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