5 Summer 2020 Fashion Trends from Vision Direct

Sunglasses are arguably one of the items that can make or break your wardrobe. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, everything was at a halt, and people were restricted to their homes. Nobody was allowed to go outside even to buy stuff, let alone to buy sunglasses. 

But things have started getting back to normal, and now you may be thinking of buying some nice specs to make a statement. 

Nothing wields greater power to your outfit than a pair of sunglasses. So, here are the spring and summer 2020 trends for designer eyewear from Vision Direct to help you make a statement.

1. Thick Rimmed Eyeglasses 

Thick rimmed sunglasses are not going to get outdated anytime soon. They have been around for nearly as long as eyeglasses themselves. They have a thick frame and can enhance your look in a major way. Black thick glasses will always be in style as they look classic and are made from lightweight materials.

If you want to rock your look, then try Adidas as they are fashionable glasses perfect for you. Give a try to Tom Ford as well because they are made for every occasion. Both brands are famous for their stunning high-quality products. So give them a try and look unique yet charming this summer season.

Tom Ford FT0615 

Adidas Originals AOR009

2. Shield Sunglasses 

Shield sunglasses are a perfect accessory for any outfit. You might have seen famous celebrities such asJennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Victoria Beckham rocking these glasses last year. 

Don’t worry! They are not out of fashion yet, so you can also wear them this year to stand out. Not only do these glasses look stylish, but they provide protection for your eyes too. Just bear in mind that blue light can be harmful to the eyes. It damages the eye retina and leads to serious eye problems. 

The digital devices you use a lot these days emit blue light, so it is highly important to use protective glasses whenever you use these devices. Pick a pair of stylish glasses that provide protection as well.



3. Angular Eyeglasses 

Choosing the right frame according to your face shape is essential, and the summer 2020 fashion trend is all about finding the right angle. Hot rectangular frames look great, so this summer, give them a try. Guess what the best part is? 

These are anti-glare and scratch-resistant designs. So, choose these rectangular glasses and look stunning this summer. Prada is a famous brand that makes stunning sunglasses for folks. By wearing these specs, you would feel more confident and stylish. Michael’s sunglasses are made from hefty Plastic frames with a special advanced coating. Whatever color you choose, you will surely make a statement.

Michael Kors MK2087U

Prada PR04VS

4. Sustainable Designer Eyewear

During the global pandemic, everything was at a halt, and industries were not working, and we saw a huge change in the environment. It showed us how important it is to keep the environment clean. Eyewear brands have also realized that it is high time to bring out eco-friendly glasses. 

Be it Gucci or Armani; brands are focusing on being organic. These glasses will be built by using eco-friendly materials but without losing their aesthetics. Now wearing these glasses, you would not feel guilty about causing any harm to the environment.

Vogue VO5211S

Giorgio Armani AR8091

If you’re interested in incorporating other great eco-friendly products into your life, check out Urban Ethos.

5. Graphic Shapes 

Choose a frame that suits your face. You can go all the way out to choose a nice trendy, unique, and stylish pair of glasses. But don’t forget to find a good balance between versatility and unique fashion. 

Graphic shapes are modern, and Social media influencers are making it super easy to carry them by wearing them. You can see them flaunting these fun frames on their Instagram. Nothing looks classier than a black and white frame so go for it. 

Sunglasses say a lot about your personality and help you create the image you want. So, always choose a stylish pair of glasses that flatters your face and make you look stunning. Simply put, make sure you select the right frame.

Prada PR10XS

MiuMiu MU05VS

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