5 Tips For Unwanted Car Removal

Many of us have one car lying dead in our yard. The car may have been damaged by an accident or you may have just stopped driving the car, leaving it to rot outside. Whatever the case may be, you would eventually have to remove the car someday. The best option you have is to call a junk car removal Ottawa company to have it removed. No matter how bad you think the car is, it is worth something in the hands of car removal companies. Even if the car cannot be repaired again, it may have valuable parts that could be used to repair other cars. And if all the parts are missing, the body of the car is still something of value.

But before you can sell your car to a car removal company, you have to make sure you observe some tips. Though you may be selling your car as scrap, you need to make sure that things are in order to fetch you the right price and make the whole process very easy for you.

Here are 5 tips we have compiled for you to keep in mind before having your unwanted car removed.

Claim Ownership Of The Vehicle

The first place to begin is by proving that you own the vehicle. Car removal companies are always careful not to buy stolen cars so you have to make sure you have proof of ownership and other important information. If the car was originally yours, that is if you bought the car yourself, you will have proof of ownership and other relevant documents that would show that the car is yours. If the car belonged to a family member or is not yours in any way, you can always get a legal title for it, establishing you as the owner. You also have to be careful so that you do not claim a stolen car.

Find Out The Value Of Your Car

In as much as the car you are selling is scrap, it still holds some value and you should not be cheated out of it. Some car removal companies know that people do not often know the value of their car and they may use that as a means to cheat them by offering them less. Find out how bad the car is by consulting with mechanics and other experts to allow you to reach a figure on the actual value the car holds. This would make it easier for you to negotiate with the car removal company.

Get In Touch With Multiple Companies

Another thing you should do is to reach out to several companies. Do not just settle for one company and finalize talks with them. Consult with other companies by finding out how much they would offer, whether they offer instant cash or check, and other important things. This also allows you to compare offers and go for the most reasonable one. Also, find out the means of removing the car. While some companies are prepared to tow the car from your backyard for free, some others would have you bring it in yourself. A company offering you more money for the car may ask you to tow it yourself while a company that is offering something a little less may offer to tow it free for you. These are things you have to consider, which is why you should be talking to more than one car removal company.

Prepare The Car For Removal

The next thing you should do is to have the car cleaned properly before removal. This does not mean actual cleaning to improve its appearance but to remove any personal belongings from the car. Things like clothes, IDs, and other documents should be taken out of the car. Inspect the vehicle properly to make sure there is nothing personal inside you can run as many checks as possible, inspecting various parts of the car to make sure that nothing of yours is in the car.

Finalize The Transaction

If the company sends someone to tow the vehicle, then you have to make sure that you properly finalize the transaction. After the money has been given, you have to make sure there is something to sign and that you are issued a receipt.

Having your unwanted car removed is a very easy way to make a few dollars and it is also good for the environment as the car can either be repaired or recycled, instead of just lying around in your yard. 

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