5 Ways To Get The Best Internet Speeds

Do your internet speeds leave you frustrated and unproductive? With everyone working and keeping in touch with family and friends from home, it’s understandable that a slow internet connection has become more apparent within the past year. You don’t have to settle for that terrible internet connection, there are options. No matter your internet provider, be in Earthlink, Charter, Verizon, AT&T, or GotW3, here are five ways that you can get the best internet speed available for your family.

Check Your Data Cap

Does your internet plan have an internet cap? If you do or don’t know, check your bill first. There’s a good chance you do have one and it will be stated so in the fine print of your agreement. You can also call your internet provider to find out if there is one and if you’ve met your cap every month. Most internet providers do throttle customers who have used their internet plan without warning. If you find that you’ve been exceeding your data cap consistently, talk to them about getting an internet plan with a higher data limit. If you do have a data plan and you’ve gone over this one time, there are things you can do to use less data in the future. Some providers will also let you pay a little extra when you do go over to give you back your faster speeds until the next billing cycle.

Reposition Your Router

Seems easy, but repositioning your router away from walls and household objects that interfere with your wireless signal can have a serious impact on your speeds. Nearly everything can dampen your internet speeds; walls, furniture, other electronics and even your fish tank. Ideally you want your router out in the open with your main devices as close as possible to your router. If you’ve done all this already or can’t reposition it any further, it might be time to explore other options.

Upgrade Your Router

When your existing router simply isn’t doing the job you need it to do, invest in a new one. Routers vary wildly in functionality, special features and price, but you don’t have to buy more router than you need to improve your internet speeds. No matter what you use your internet connection for, upgrading your router from an N to an AC with MU-MIMO technology can make a significant impact on your internet speeds. MU-MIMO technology is essential in today’s multi-device world. This new technology allows your router to communicate with all of your internet enabled devices simultaneously, instead of one by one like with N, B and G routers, making your internet sustainably faster for everyone.

Upgrade Your Internet Plan

Most internet providers have multiple plans to choose from. Do you know which one you’ve subscribed to? Call your internet provider and see what options are available to you. Your internet provider wants you to be happy with your service so you’ll continue to be a paying customer. If there are options, they’ll certainly talk them over with you. No one wants to pay more money towards any bill more than they have to, but it might not be that much more expensive. Some providers offer a generous increase in speeds for only $10-15 more a month. If you find yourself frustrated often about your internet speeds, you’ll consider it money well spent later.

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Switch Internet Providers

It’s possible while trying to subscribe to a better internet plan, that your current internet provider doesn’t have one available. If you have DSL or satellite internet now, there really may not be any other plans to choose from. Do some research online to find out what other internet providers are available in your neighborhood and how much residents in your town or city pay for it. You may be surprised at what you find.

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