Top 7 Anime Torrent Sites to Look Forward in 2023

If you are an anime lover, you must be looking for some best anime torrent sites as it is the only way to watch your favorite anime for free. Also, over the years, there is a visible increase in the fan-following of anime; people from all across the globe find it interesting to watch anime belonging to different categories. So, if you too are searching for some great options to watch anime for free, keep on reading. 

Disclaimer- The information provided further is just for educational purposes. We do not promote illegal ways to download or watch anime; the readers are advised to go for legal ways to watch anime. We hold no responsibility for whosoever opt for the torrent sites listed further to download or watch anime.

1. SubsPlease

HorribleSubs was one of the best anime torrent sites;  that was taken down years back; SubsPlease seems to be the replacement for it as it will give you the same feel due to its similar website design. You will find SubsPlease appealing to you if you were a loyal user of HorribleSubs and its quality rips. 

SubsPlease is not an anime torrent aggregator as is the case with other sites here. Rather, this anime torrent site itself rips off anime from legal streaming websites. You will find no ads on this website and the highlighting part of this website is it features an anime schedule that is not there on most anime torrent websites.

2. Nyaa

Nyaa is one of the top anime torrent sites; out of the so many anime torrent sites available, Nyaa is the most preferred anime site for downloading anime. With its classic design and tabular interface, the site may look overwhelming to you. However, this site is one of the simplest torrent websites that you will find; the steps to download your favorite anime is just a matter of a few minutes. 

Also, this website doesn’t have any ads so that you are not going to get interrupted in between. All the new torrents like Black Clover torrent or Jujutsu Kaisen torrent are available on Nyaa; the site frequently keeps updating itself with the latest anime.

3. Anime Tosho

Next on the list is Anime Tosho which is another popular and top site for downloading anime torrents. Here you will find thousands of anime, in English and Japanese dubs, that is why it is known as one of the best anime torrent websites. The best part is just like Nyaa, you will not find any ads on Anime Tosho; also, this site will not redirect you to any other random website.

Anime Tosho has a compact user interface which is slightly different from Nyaa. You will find multiple sources on Nyaa to download the anime files from, however, this option is not there in Nyaa. 

The only drawback of Anime Tosho is that it has the old outdated design, but that’s not a matter as long as you are getting the latest anime torrents to download from Anime Tosho.

4. The PirateBay

PirateBay is one of the popular torrent sites where you will find a lot of anime torrent files; however, it is not just an anime torrent site, it is much more than that. Still, you will not find any shortage of anime torrents on this website. It has a million torrents, so if you are not able to find your favorite anime on other torrent sites, you can look for it on The PirateBay site.

Keeping the positives aside, this torrent site has some drawbacks as well. You may find some difficulties while looking for anime torrents on The PirateBay as this site is banned in most of the countries, and also it shows some obtrusive ads and can even affect your device with malware.

5. Ani Dex

Ani Dex is the next popular option when it is about top anime torrent websites; here you will find English dubbed anime torrents, in addition to manga torrents, anime games, applications, and much more. The website has a huge collection of anime torrents and that’s the reason it is always updated with the latest anime torrents. The torrents have been properly classified into various categories like anime torrents, music torrents, light novel torrents so you will not face any difficulty in looking for the one you want. Also, there are no ads, so that is another plus point.

6. Bakabat

Bakabat is also a great option when it is about downloading anime. However, in the case of this anime torrent website, you need to be a registered user to be able to download anime. It is a type of private community where you need to be invited by the site staff; you cannot register by simply signing up.

Although the site has all the latest anime torrents, still, it has more old and lesser-known anime content.

So, if you are okay using a private anime community, Bakabat is the best anime torrent site for you.

7. Tokyo Toshokan

Last on the list of the best anime torrent sites is Tokyo Toshokna that is just for anime lovers. Here you will find a lot of local Japanese content which you may not find on other torrent sites given on this list. Tokyo Toshokan has all sorts of anime torrents, however, the reason why it is preferred by most anime lovers is it has all sorts of Japanese content and that is what makes it one of the best anime torrent sites.

However, you may find the website blocked in many countries, so you can use a proxy website or VPN.

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