8 Types of Nightwear a Woman Can Try

Nightwear makes you feel at home and ready for your bedtime. You can also lounge around in your house, spending some lazy time in it. Nightwear can also help you set up some romantic time with your partner. Whether to have a relaxing sleep, spend a love night, or pass a relaxing leisure time, there are ample choices available in nightwear that you can select from. 

From loose and comfy to sensuous, we have listed below eight types of nightwear. Let us look at them.

1. Sleep/Night Shirt

These nightwears are a perfect pick for hot and humid nights. They are loose, comfortable, and too airy. You can find them in short sleeves, long sleeves, and rolled up sleeves. Also, various online stores offer this style in floral and funky prints to add an edge.

2. Night Dress

Nightwear as such is cute and irresistible once you put a glance on them. The best part, it fits and suits all body types and is incredibly cosy. Although it can be worn in any weather, if you cannot bear that humidity, you should pick it without any doubt.

3. Jumpsuits/Playsuits

These nightwears are perfect for a sleepover. Along with being uber-chic, they also offer you comfort throughout the night. You can go for a full-length jumpsuit or a short playsuit, depending on your preferences. From printed to cozy materials, you will be spoilt with choices when you go looking for one.

4. Nightgown/Nightie

An old school favourite for most of the women is a nightgown or popularly known as a nightie. However, these clothing pieces now offer a plethora of options to select from in terms of prints, types, fabrics, and patterns.

5. Pyjama Set

Not having this nightwear as such is impossible. Every woman has worn it once in their lives. A pajama set is comfortable and also offers you style. You can find classic women’s pajamas in modern prints and patterns and even in breathable materials.

6. Shorts Set

To look fashionable without compromising on comfort is what you call a shorts set. Several online shopping platforms have various styles and types that will make you spoiled with choices. It also suits all body types effortlessly.

7. Capri Set

If you do not find a pyjama and a short set comfortable enough, you can go for this mid-range, the Capri variant. It is appropriate for a sleepover with your favourite bunch of girls. This nightwear is also suitable for wintery nights.

8. Babydoll

When you want to spend some memorable moments on a romantic night with your loved one, a babydoll is the one that you should pick. This sensuous nightwear will never fail to impress your partner at any point.


So, the nightwears mentioned above are the ones that every woman can try at least once in their lifetime. These are comfortable, cosy and a few also add in a tinge of some sensuousness in them. You can choose the one among them that suits your preferences better.

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