Add Some Colour to Your Outdoor Area

Adding colour to your outdoor area makes it vibrant, fresh, and inviting. It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated – you can get vibrancy from multiple sources, including paint, flowers, and artwork.

Whether your backyard is large or small, here are valuable tips to enhance your outdoor area by adding a splash of colour.

Paint the Walls

Painting walls is a simple and effective way of adding colour to your exterior space. It’s so easy to do it yourself in a few hours. 

When selecting a paint colour, choose an option that complements the surroundings, such as outdoor plants and furniture. A color wheel can help you choose between a complementary and matching color.

It’s advisable to use a roller over a brush when painting. Rollers make the work easier and neater.

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Add Wall Art

If you don’t like painting, you can beautify your blank walls using artwork. Wall art is also effective at obscuring your neighbor’s dull fence.

Outdoor panels with wall art are available at most hardware stores. You can use them to add colour to your backyard. However, you’ll need to replace the panels yearly because they fade under the sun.

Alternatively, consider painting a mural because it takes up zero floor space and adds color and visual interest to an outdoor wall. A mural can be an illusion of framed artwork or a representation of flowering plants – regardless of your preference, it’s an excellent way to brighten your backyard.

Invest in Colourful Outdoor Furniture

Although the primary function of outdoor furniture is increasing functionality, you can also use it to improve your yard’s visual appeal. It’s easy – all you need is bright-colored cushions and pillows, tinted tables, weatherproof seats, and rattan furniture.

Moreover, you don’t require a new furniture set. Instead, you can spruce up your existing pieces by adding colorful throw pillows, blankets, and upholstery.

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Add Flowering Plants 

Growing blossoming plants is a timeless way of painting your outdoor space. First, visit your local florist to see what species grab your attention. Annual flowering plants are ideal because they allow you to mix colors, shapes, and textures yearly. This means you’ll never get bored of a single flower type.

You can grow flowers anywhere – around your house, in scattered flowerbeds around your yard, atop retaining walls, etc. However, you must water them to keep their beauty; wilting flowers are an eyesore.

Flowers like cosmos, marigolds, and nasturtiums can grow in your outdoor gardens. Seasonal favorites such as lobelia, petunias, sweet alyssum, and violas also thrive well amongst veggies. Besides adding color, these flowering plants attract birds and butterflies.

While flowers guarantee a colorful outdoor space, you can make it better by choosing attractive containers. A well-chosen planter adds to the beauty of the blooms. Terra cotta pots are a perfect choice if you prefer neutrality. If you want to go bold, choose the bright shades of blue, magenta, orange, and red. White and black containers are versatile and blend well with most color palettes. 

Add Lighting

Lighting is useful for elevating your outdoor area’s moods while adding colour. When chosen carefully, lights make your backyard usable, regardless of time and season.

Fairy lights, sconces, and hanging light fixtures add beauty and colour to your outdoor space. Scented candles make your patio more welcoming by evoking the sense of smell, while fire pits light up your backyard and keep you warm in the cold months.

Final Words

Adding colors to your backyard transforms it from dull to dazzling. It doesn’t have to be a combination of many hues, but it also shouldn’t be monotonous – take time to find the right balance.

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