Javatpoint C#- Features, Methods and Important Information

Javatpoint c# tutorial offers basic and advanced knowledge of C#; hence the tutorials are considered best for both beginners as well as professionals.

Also, C# is a programming language of .Net Framework and at javatpoint c#, the tutorial covers all the important topics of C# that include control statements, inheritance, constructor, encapsulation, objects and classes, destructor, File IO, Collections, sealed, strings, regex, exception handling, polymorphism, static, abstraction, abstract class, interface, properties, namespace, indexer, arrays, multithreading, and so on.

Introduction to Javatpoint C#

The term ‘C#’ is pronounced as “C-Sharp” and is an object-oriented programming language. The language is offered by Microsoft that operates on .Net Framework.

c# in javatpoint helps you to get a better grip of the language, thus you can create diverse secured and powerful applications such as Web applications, Distributed applications, Database applications, Window applications and Web service applications.

C# that has been designed for CLI expands for Common Language Infrastructure and as a language, it is approved by ECMA and ISO as a standard. Moreover, the C# programming language offered by javatpoint has been influenced by C++, Java, Eiffel, Modula-3, Pascal etc. languages. CLI is used to explain executable code and runtime environment in the form of a specification.

As an object oriented programming language, C# provides a good range of features as explained below:

  1. Simple 

It is a simple language and offers organized approach to divide the problem into parts along with rich set of library functions, data types etc.

  1. Object oriented

This programming language is object oriented that makes development and maintenance a less painful as compared to Procedure-oriented programming language where it is quite difficult to accomplish if code grows as project size grow.

  1. Modern programming language

C# programming language follows the latest trend and is very powerful. This language is considered to be simple if you want to develop scalable, interoperable and strong applications.

  1. Scalable and Updateable

This programming language can be updated and is scalable as well. If you want to update the application, you have to delete all the old files and update them with the latest ones. 

  1. Structured Language

C# is considered to be a structured programming language and by that it means, you can break the application into parts with the help of functions. 

Javatpoint C# Programs

C# programs of javatpoint are considered really valuable and are mainly enquired in interview questions such as from basics, array, string, control statements, file handling etc. here are the top C# programs:

  1. Fibonacci Series
Input: 15
Output: 0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144 233 377
  1. Prime number
Input: 17
Output: prime number
Input: 57
Output: not prime number
  1. Palindrome number
Input: 121
Output: palindrome number
Input: 113
Output: not palindrome number
  1. Factorial
Input: 6
Output: 720
  1. Armstrong number
Input: 371
Output: Armstrong
Input: 342
Output: not armstrong
  1. Reverse Number
Input: 234
Output: 432
  1. Sum of Digits
Input: 23
Output: 5
Input: 624
Output: 12
  1. Alphabet Triangle
  1. Swap Two Numbers Without Using Third Variable
Input: a=5 b=10
Output: a=10 b=5
  1. Decimal to Binary
Input: 10
Output: 1010

Javatpoint C# Interface

Interface in c# javatpoint is like the blueprint of an abstract class as all the methods inside the interface are abstract ones that don’t have method body and cannot be instantiated. The interface can be used to achieve multiple inheritance and fully abstraction because of the absence of method body. The implementation can be done by class or structure that implements the interface. c# tutorial in javatpoint can help you in obtaining the information about interface.

Operator overloading

Operator overloading in c# javatpoint can help you redefine or overload the built-in operators of C#, hence you can use operators with user-defined types. Overloaded operators are known as functions that have special names and are followed by the keyword operator through the symbol for the operator. 

Static class in C# in Javatpoint

There is also static class in C# in Javatpoint using which one can create static class with the help of static keyword and it can only have static data members, static methods, and a static constructor. Static class in C# javatpoint are sealed and that means you cannot get a static class from another class.

The main benefit of using a static class in javatpoint in c# is that the compiler makes sure no instance members are unintentionally added. The compiler will also check that instances of static class aren’t created as these classes are sealed, hence, cannot be inherited from any class except Object.

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