All Types of Fade Haircuts

The fade has always been a hit because it provides contrast! The contrast between dark and light, the contrast between dense and sparse, and even contrast between hair and skin.

It has always been a hit.

There are several types of Fades and in this article, I am going to highlight as many as I can. So let’s get to it!

All Types of Fade

1. High Fade

The basic idea behind a high fade is a neat close shave of the back and the sides of the head. It is called a high fade because the shave is taken higher so that it stops between the temples and at the top of the ears. The final look is a shiny look that can be modified, altered, and styled in whatsoever way a person wishes. Either a quiff or a comb-over or being slicked back and held in place with gel. You can get this hairstyle at one of the best Nashville barber shops.

2. Low Fade

The basic idea behind a low fade is by cutting the hair on the side and back of the head near the skin and then leaving a bulge of hair on top for styling.

His haircut is really popular because of its sharp contrast that defines the entire look and face. The top can be styled in whatsoever manner, you could ask your barber or just do a self-cut. 

3. The Taper Fade.

The Taper Fade haircut is also called the Temple fade haircut. This haircut originally originated from a town in Brooklyn. The basic idea behind the Taper Fade Haircut is a gradual system.

In this type of fade, the hair on the back of the head and the sides is tapered, that is it becomes progressively lower from four inches to two inches and then in proximity with the skin.

The top can then be styled in whatsoever fashion you desire, be it an undercut, or curly dyed hair or a slicked back, or even a pompadour.

4. The Bald Fade.

Do not fret, the Bald Fade haircut doesn’t mean a receding hairline. This haircut is not for bald people, on either hand, people with receding hairline would opt for a comb-over.

The Bald Fade haircut is often seen on military men and of course black men. 

The basic idea behind this haircut is the hair on top shaved and then a skin fade around the back and sides of the hair. The result is a neat look that highlights and accentuates the face. Different but stylish.

This haircut doesn’t require high maintenance, but then it isn’t any maintenance.

5. Skin Fade Haircut.

The basic idea behind a skin fade isn’t shaving the entire hair off, on the contrary, I involve shaving the hair in progressive short length down the nape of the neck and the sides, then styling it on top in whatsoever form you wish.


Here are the five types of fade haircut under which every other fade haircut falls. I hope you have a good time trying these haircuts out.

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