The Prolific Andrew Flintoff

From time to time it is possible to find highly versatile players in the sport of cricket. But you do find them and when you do, the betting platform is the best place to wager on them. A great example of a fantastic all-rounder player comes from English cricketer Andrew Flintoff. He was a highly versatile player that performed the following roles while playing:

  • fast bowler;
  • slip fielder;
  • and also a middle-order batsman.

Players who perform all these roles are available to wager on the 1xBet website. Thanks to his performances, Flintoff was constantly named among the best all-rounders in One-Day International and Test cricket.

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A Great Career with an Early Retirement

Andrew Flintoff had a professional career that lasted between 1995 and 2015. During those years he played in squads from Australia and India, in addition to his native England. When making a profitable cricket bet in India – 1xBet is definitely the best place to do so, as it features teams from those countries.

The player was part of the Lancashire County Championship squad. He also performed for the Chennai Super Kings from the great Indian Premier League. He also had a brief spell on the Brisbane Heat team from the Australian Big Bash League.

Additionally, the player was a member of the English national team between 1998 and 2009. The 1xBet in India website allows its members to make profitable cricket bets on this squad. The international career of Andrew Flintoff was relatively brief. However, he still managed to greatly help his squad.

In 2007 Andrew Flintoff started to suffer lots of problems with his ankle and knees. In fact, this forced him to retire in 2009 in order not to aggravate the situation even more. However, he retired at an excellent moment, as he had recently helped his team to win The Ashes against Australia.

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Returning to Cricket

In 2014, Andrew Flintoff shocked the world by announcing his return to cricket. However, he would only perform in Twenty20 cricket in England, as this format of the game is less demanding. Punters can head on to – an online betting apk for your phone can be installed on this variation of the sport.

His performances were quite good despite having been absent from the game for five years. After a few months playing in the Twenty20 squad from Lancashire, he joined the Brisbane Heat side from the Australian Big Bash League. He was quite a popular player in that part of the world for his feats in and out of the field. You can get the online betting apk from 1xBet for your phone to wager on this competition from your Android tablet or smartphone.

Andrew Flintoff retired from the game in 2015. He had a great career and proved to be a fantastic player, despite constant injuries.

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