Is AnimeUltima Domain Still Active? It’s 11 Best Alternatives to Look-Upon in 2023!

Table of Content
  • What is Anime?
  • What is AnimeUltima?
  • About AnimeUltima Android App!
  • How to Download AnimeUltima App on Android?
  • How to Use AnimeUltima Android App to Watch and Download Anime? 
  • How to Download Anime Videos from AnimeUltima?
  • Is AnimeUltima Domain Active?
  • Working Sites of AnimeUltima
  • 11 Best Alternatives of AnimeUltima to look upon!
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Like watching cartoons gives the global audience a sense of joy and brings back everyone’s good old memories alive. Similarly, “Anime” has stood the test of time and grown in popularity across the world so much so that, there’s hardly anyone who at present left from going gaga over it. 

What is Anime?

Anime word is an abbreviation for animation coming from Japan and China; there it is used a lot to cater all types of animated media, from hand-drawn to computer animation. However, since globalization, it has also caught on with the international audience. 

Anime is made up of a combination of graphic art, cinematography, characterization, and other creative methods and thus, with its unique style of themes, concepts and way of storytelling, the craze for Anime has attracted millions of users worldwide. So, if you’re also a fan of anime series and love to watch them online, then AnimeUltima is one of the best sources to consider because it is a one-stop place for anime lovers to dig in irrespective of their ages. 

What is AnimeUltima?

AnimeUltima is a free anime streaming website, wherein all the anime fans from all across the globe can enjoy their favorite anime series. The site has a big variety of leading anime stuff to engage users for streaming them online as well as downloading the same to watch offline.

Besides that, it also has an advanced search feature that provides anime fans like you a chance to find all your favorite anime stuff just at the click of a single button. Moreover, on the site, you will also find many of the titles with English subtitles and interestingly, if you wish to only watch the dubbed series then, you can even watch that!

Why & How AnimeUltima is Popular and One of the Best Websites to Use?

AnimeUltima site is indeed a free platform and thus, its popularity is easy to understand, but that’s not the only reason. Ranging from the user-friendly interface and unlimited free anime streaming to downloading options, the reasons for the popularity of AnimeUltima varies vividly among fans of anime. For instance, some like it for its separate easy to read small description that make it convenient for anime lovers to select the anime series that matches their respective taste and preference, others like it for offering the dubbed and subtitled latest anime episodes for all sorts of users.

All in all, following are the impressive features of AnimeUltima that make it a popular and one of the best choice among all other available Anime websites—

  • Database – AnimeUltima app has a huge database of Anime videos that have been hosted by their own. However, before the year 2019, the platform used to bring and upload video files from a different server, but that’s not the case anymore.
  • Upload Rate – AnimeUltima on its platform, keep on updating their database to make sure they offer its users with the most recent and updated anime content as early as possible after they get released. At present, on AnimeUltima you can easily get your hands on more than 2000 Anime series of your choice for instance, you can watch AnimeUltima Toradora and all other popular anime series on the platform, that too, with most comfort.
  • Discrete Resolutions – AnimeUltima will let you enjoy watching your favorite Anime series or movies in a varied range of video resolutions. It’s because all the videos that are there on the platform have been available in video resolutions starting from 360p to 1080p. So, AnimeUltima platform caters to delight you all with the option of choosing different video resolutions for better viewing experience.
  • Subtitles – AnimeUltima platform also has the option of subtitles that you can easily get while watching the Anime Videos. The same you can easily enable or disable as per your choice and comfort. Basically, you can use the subtitles of your language if the series that you want to watch on the platform is not in a language that you understand and most comfortable in listening.
  • Layout – The layout of the AnimeUltima website is pretty simple and anyone without being a tech-savvy can navigate to the episodes pretty effortlessly. The website also has a calendar view that helps each and every viewer to search in a better way within the database of the AnimeUltima platform. 

Above all, the best part about AnimeUltima is that it also has a ‘Mobile App.’ The AnimeUltima’s mobile app has the same features as you would expect on the website. Basically, this app will help you discover and watch almost any anime titles, seasons, series, and movies without any streaming issues and that too, all for free.  So, using it in place of a website will not cause you any disadvantage. 

Following this, if you’re planning to download it on your device then, let us inform you that only ‘Android-users’ have the option to download the AnimeUltima’s mobile app  on their device to specifically watch anime without any sort of disturbance.

AnimeUltima Android Mobile APP

Compatible with: Android 5.0+
 Release:20 – 03 – 2021
 Size:23.35 MB
MOD:No Ads
 Requirements:Reliable Internet Connection
Features:Smooth Streaming Service— without any experience of buffering,
Built-in Tracker— keeps a track of all the leading anime seasons and episodes,
Up to Date Content— huge directory of content and streaming links,
Alerts and Notifications— about the released of new episodes,
Full HD Video Streaming Quality—  up to 1080p Resolution, 
Discussion Forums—promote a healthy Anime community when streaming.

How to Download AnimeUltima APK?

The procedure of downloading and installing the AnimeUltima app on your Android device or tablet is quite uncomplicated and straightforward. So, here are the steps for the same, have a look—

First and foremost, open the mobile-web browser on your android device.
Using that regular-used browser of yours, you can visit any of these below-mentioned links—
1. Link 1
2. Link 2
3. Link 3
Once you open any of the given links, go to its ‘Download Section’ and there, locate the AnimeUltima APK file.
As you locate the file, tap on the same to initiate the downloading with an aim to download and save the AnimeUltima APK file on your android.
In a while, the AnimeUltima APK file will be downloaded and saved in a compressed zip file on your android. 
Now, as the AnimeUltima APK file is in a compressed zip file, what you’ve to do is get a file manager such as 7-Zip and extract the AnimeUltima APK file from that compressed zip folder.
Once you finish doing so, tap on the extracted AnimeUltima APK file and simply just follow the on-screen available prompts to successfully install the AnimeUltima Android app on your respective android device.
In the end, you need to allow the “Unknown sources” option in your Android smartphone to use it without any fuss as the Android OS system blocks all apps that are downloaded from third-party sources and not from the Play Store.  Having said that, give permission to ‘Unknown Sources’ via navigating from Settings to Security Tab and there, simply turn on the ‘Allow installation of apps from unknown sources’ option.

How to Get Started With AnimeUltima APK to Watch Anime?

Next, let’s see the instructions on how you can get started and use the downloaded AnimeUltima Android app for enjoy streaming all the leading Anime on your Android—

First and foremost, tap on the AnimeUltima App icon from the app library of your Android smartphone to open it and create a free account on the same. 
Once you successfully create an account, you’ll reach onto the homepage of the AnimeUltima app wherein you’ll see all the current trending Anime series, shows, seasons and their updated episodes.
From there only, you can watch any or all the Anime content simply by tapping on the anime icon in the main menu of the app. 
After you do so, a new tab will open in front of you from where you’ll get to see a range of information about the selected Anime. For instance, the followings —
  • Type of Anime Content  be it movie, show or series 
  • Genre
  • Synopsis
  • Release Date and Year
  • Time Duration
  • Characters
  • Rating &
  • Number of Total Episodes etc.
From seeing all these listed information about the Anime content that you’ve selected, it will be easier for you to make a decision whether to watch that Anime or not. Basically, this will benefit you in selecting only those ‘anime content’ that best suit your taste and reference.
After that, in the app’s custom watch list you can easily add all your favorite anime series after making a selection.
Last but not least, you can also subscribe to the app for timely receiving notifications about any new episode update in the already available Anime series/shows and also about any new Anime show/series or movie that have been recently added on the AnimeUltima android app.

In accordance with the above-listed steps, let’s acknowledge how effortlessly you can use AnimeUltima app to enjoy watching a good collection of Anime content! Moreover, you can also get the benefit of finding and keeping a track of the best suitable Anime for yourself using its features. 

In fact, what’s more interesting to know about this app is that it’ll soon be going to launch its own tool. Using the same, you will then be able to directly download Anime content on your android and view them at your utmost comfort that too, without the need of Internet connection. 

But, for the time being, you can consider downloading a supportive AnimeUltima downloader for instance ‘RipTiger.’ This software will automatically download those Anime episodes in the background of the system that you watch/stream using the AnimeUltima android app.

How to Download Anime Videos from AnimeUltima APK?

At present, downloading AnimeUltima videos with the help of RipTiger software is considered as the easiest way to enjoy all the leading anime content offline. So, without wasting any second further, let’s have a look at how you can download anime videos from AnimeUltima APK using RipTiger downloader!

Firstly, visit the official website of RipTiger—the AnimeUltima downloader software.
On reaching there, tap on the ‘Download’ link to download RipTiger’s latest version.
After the download finishes, tap on the downloaded RipTiger.apk file and simply follow the on-screen instructions to start its installation.
Once it is installed, launch the AnimeUltima app simultaneously and play any episode of your favorite anime show.
Now, as the episode is streaming on the AnimeUltima app, RipTiger application works in the background to download and save the entire episode automatically on your Android device.

Subsequently, this is worthy enough to note that, Anime video that have been just automatically downloaded and saved on your Android device by RipTiger software, the same can also be converted using an online convertor software to run and use on your ‘any other device’ be it PC, laptop, iPhone, or iPad.

Is AnimeUltima Domain Active?

With the introduction of strict laws against copyright infringement, this— “ website is down or not” recently becomes a commonly asked question on the AnimeUltima Reddit stream. So, if you’re also trying hard to access the AnimeUltima domain and wondering why you’ve failed in your attempts then, it’s simply because the AnimeUltima domain is not active anymore

Why is not working?

The reason behind the discontinuation of AnimeUltima service is quite obvious. AnimeUltima is a free anime site that requires its users to not perform any sign-up or registration process, and you all very well know that those websites that offer free entertainment stuff are considered illegal and thus got banned. 

The same happened with AnimeUltima; its original domain i.e., has been taken down by the Anti-piracy section of Government from majority parts of the world. Knowing that, AnimeUltima site is currently down, it becomes devastating for many Anime lovers who used to highly depend on its platform to meet their needs of watching all the leading anime content. 

However, if you’re also one of those anime fans then, do not get disheartened if AnimeUltima is down in your respective country, location or region because you can either try these—

Working Sites of AnimeUltima

No.Working AnimeUltima SitesStatusSpeed

Or, you can also try some other popular sites like AnimeUltima to not miss your favorite Anime!

Well, it is always good to have more choices for your favorite website as you never know when the site faces a discrepancy and becomes no longer available for you to access.  

Having said that, though there are already many sites available online that claim to offer you the best anime collection like AnimeUltima, not everyone meets up to the expectations. In fact, the whole process of searching for them and then reading about them to decide whether it’s a perfect fit to meet your anime needs or not will take a lot of time and effort. 

So, in order to save you from all such unnecessary trouble, we’ve enlisted here a total of 11 best AnimeUltima alternative websites that you would definitely love to consider in 2021. Have a look!

Top 11 Best Alternatives to AnimeUltima

1. KissAnime

This website is in direct competition with the AnimeUltima. It is universally known as the King of Anime websites for having millions of users from all across the globe. Here you can watch any of the leading Anime content of your choice. Also, if you want to see your favorite anime series and movies in HD video quality, that too, without paying even a single penny then also KissAnime is the right platform to consider. Above all, it is compatible with Android and iOS devices to offer you the facility of watching Anime at any time and any place. 

2. 9Anime

Another well-known name in the Anime industry that most Anime fans know about is none other than 9Anime. So, if AnimeUltima is not working in your region, you can definitely consider visiting 9Anime.  The quality and design of ‘9Anime website’ are so amazing that a user will be able to easily find out their favorite anime content. Moreover, the best part about using the 9Anime platform is that it is completely advertisement free! 

3. Anime Heaven

In place of AnimeUltima, if you’re looking for something extraordinary then, you should love to look no further than AnimeHeaven. As the name suggests, it is a kind of heaven for the anime lovers. It is available in a user-friendly interface to let users search for their favorite anime show easily from more than 3500 titles of multiple Anime genres, such as Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Romance, and lots of others. All these genres get regularly updated with new stuff to deliver more and the latest anime streaming to the users.

4. GogoAnime

This platform brings programs like ‘Bleach, Naruto Shippuden, Dragon Ball Super, Eureka Seven, and Land of the Lustrous,’ along with all the other hit programs for anime lovers.  Besides that, for being completely dedicated to the anime content, GogoAnime is accessible completely free of cost. It has a straightforward UI and at the same time, it is worthy enough for anime fans all across the globe to enjoy streaming unlimited anime content that too without any ad-distraction. That’s why GogoAnime is considered as a world-leading anime streaming website and a great alternative to AnimeUltima.

5. Funimation

Next best free website is Funimation, which has an impressive database of Anime series and movies. On this platform, one can watch a lot of epic anime series for free of cost without any hassle. Above all, Funimation, just like the other similar sites, has multiple genres of Anime collection including Action, Adventure, Romance, Horror, and SuperPower that can be accessed from a variety of different digital media devices and operating systems.

6. Hulu

This website is in the list of top Anime websites that one can access to get a massive variety of entertainment content ranging from TV shows and anime to popular cartoons and much more. To be precise, this platform houses some of the most beautiful collections of highest rated award-winning films and TV shows. Moreover, what makes Hulu a more attractive choice is that the platform has all the leading features, tools, and a smart interface that helps users to stream any movies including Anime, Bollywood, Hollywood, and lots of others, in all sorts of languages.


This is another leading platform where you can explore from a range of different genres including Horror, Comedy, Action, Romance, War-based and adventure to choose anime of your choice. platform is inspired by the site of KissAnime and thus, offers all the similar services but with some new features and an ultimate objective to deliver all the content that a true anime lover wants. Above all, the most exciting and enjoyable thing about this platform is that it offers a trending section from where one can get all the trending anime series around the world.

8. WatchAnimeMovie

This popular alternative of AnimeUltima has an enormous library which is used by millions of people around the globe to get their hands on the anime content that they like the most.  Besides that, what is more interesting to know about this website is that it lets the users’ stream in HD quality to make it quite easy for them to get the best watching anime experience at home. WatchAnimeMovie has over 3000 anime titles that get regularly updated with new series in order to deliver its users from A to Z –all the latest and classic anime series without incurring any cost in return. In short, WatchAnimeMovie is such a platform that within every 24 hours makes sure to deliver your favorite series, and that you can access it anywhere around the world for free of cost.

9. AnimePlanet

Next on the list is Animeland. This platform is full of a versatile collection of anime content. You won’t believe, on this website you can explore a massive collection of many of the latest and classic anime content in various different ‘Categories’ such as Anime Movies, Dragon Ball Super, Dubbed Anime, and ‘Genres’ such as Adventure, Ninja, Fantasy, Aliens, and Horror, etc. To be precise, AnimePlanet allows you to choose from more than 40,000 legal streaming anime videos, and it has the world’s first and most trusted recommendation database that helps one to get ideas on a range of scenarios such as what to watch next, how to set up the list, and watch anime online. Moreover, as said above, mainly because of having a legal interface, AnimePlanet is the right choice of alternative for AnimeUltima.

10. Chia Anime

Second last on the list of 11 best alternatives is the very famous Chia Anime website. It is a platform that offers you ways to watch and enjoy a variety of Korean TV dramas, anime, and cartoons. Besides that, on Chia Anime platform you can read manga and also U.S. comics, isn’t it amazing! And, all the stuff such as Dragon Ball Super, Blue Exorcist, Gangsta, Sword Art Online, and many more that are on the platform, is available in multiple categories like Popular Shows, Latest Series, and Genres, etc. 

So, all in all, this site’s ultimate desire is to create a fun and thriving anime lovers community around the world by offering them professional anime content  as much as possible and that too, in the most systematic manner.

11. NarutoGet

Last but not least, NarutoGet is one of the top considered alternatives to the currently discussed anime site i.e. AnimeUltima. It has all kinds of content ranging from latest cartoons, and anime shows to TV dramas and manga streams for letting users’ binge-watch them absolutely free of cost. So, like the popular streaming anime sites, it also consists of multiple anime categories to enjoy watching Boruto, Naruto Shippuden, Naruto Dubbed, and Naruto Movies, etc. 

Moreover, NarutoGet has a prominent feature to help users easily sort these available content based on language, season, status, and years factors and that’s what makes it a more interesting alternative to AnimeUltima.

In a Nutshell 

With the help of this blog hopefully, you’ve enlightened yourself enough about the AnimeUltima website, and the AnimeUltima Android App using which you can easily download anime videos on your gadget to watch offline.  Besides that, as we’ve also mentioned that AnimeUltima is not working anymore in the majority of the world so,  in its place, you all can consider the above-listed 11 best alternatives to binge-watch anime content without any inconvenience. These popular anime based sites of all time can open a new world of free anime for you.

Disclaimer: The sole aim of writing this article is to meet entertainment and information needs of our worthy readers. We have no intention to support any such website that also offers copyright protected content. Rather, we strongly discourage one who does so! Hence, let us inform every one of you that some above-mentioned websites are not fully-authorized to offer streaming of content without having copyright of them. So, we recommend all of you to consider visiting them solely at your own risk and that too, only find the legal content.]

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