Anti-Trend Haircuts for Men to Keep Away from This Season

Women fear the bad hair day more than anything, but can you imagine wearing such a look for weeks, if not more? Things like that happen if you opt for the haircut that is not only out of style but is the ultimate anti-trend. Yes, they do exist.

While MensHaircuts lists all the best haircuts for men, we will point out the variety of those that are not only unpopular but considered to be among the worst at the moment.

Buzz Cut with a Fringe

It is true that a buzzcut is a popular, extremely short haircut among modern gents. However, there is barely anything worse than to pair a buzzcut with a fringe. Not like we know anyone who would wear that in their right mind, but we feel obliged to warn you just in case.

Man Bun

Buns are utterly popular about ladies, but man buns are an absolute ‘no’ for those men who want to look stylish and attractive no matter the circumstances. Yes, men with long hair look tempting as hell, but a sheer sight of the man bun is the best women-repeller you can wish for. Think about it!


A mullet was indeed a huge thing back in the 80’. However, fashion’s developed since there and let leave the retro trend to the retro times and keep up with something more recent, shall we?

Bowl Cut

To be honest, a bowl cut may have the right to exist when styled and cut properly. However, in the majority of cases, it turns out to be quite a failure, especially when not paired with one’s appearance well. that is why, just to keep on the safe side – keep away from the bowl cut, unless you are a 100% sure it will suit you like nothing else.

Frosted Tips

According to MensHairstyles, frosted tips disappeared from the radar a long time ago. However, in case you haven’t noticed that the times have changed, we are here to remind you that 2000’ are long gone so are the frosted tips.

Rat Tail

Just as dreadful as it sounds, so it looks. We have no idea what men were thinking, opting for rat tails. Yet, we are here to declared that the trend is over, and hopefully, it won’t make its way back in fashion ever again.

White Canerows

What looks great on someone else does not necessarily look good on you. That is the rule to remember. It is true that culturally canerows belong to African Americans, and we must say that the style looks hotter than hot on them. When we think of while canerows, aka Bieber style, we can’t but cringe…

Men Hairstyles to Consider this Season

Enough about the anti-trends. Let’s explore what hair fashion has in store for stylish lads, shall we?

Textured Extended Quiff with Mid Fade

Sometimes combining two styles in one is the best way to succeed with an impeccable and unique look. Take a simple pompadour, add some heavy layering to it and then style it up as a quiff. Do not forget about the neat mid-fade sides and well-trimmed manly beard. It is hard to take the eyes off such perfection! 

Faux Hawk with a High Fade

To keep it classy and cool, you do not need to invent anything new. All it takes is the skillfulness of the barber and some imagination to create a masterpiece. A fauxhawk is a popular request among the youth these days. Not only the style looks cool, it is easy to maintain, and it is also practical and universal. Besides, should you decide to acquire an accent to stand out, a mere precise shaved line on the side is more than enough. 

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Disheveled Curly Top With a Disconnected Undercut

They say that a curly mane is challenging to tame, and we will not disagree with that. However, if you are seeking ways to show your hair off with the best accents there are, then a long top with a disconnected undercut is the style to pay attention to. All it takes to work some product in to end up with such a gorgeous and breath-taking look.

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