Why Go for Assetz Bloom And Dell Phase 2

Assetz Bloom And Dell Phase 2

With the changing dimensions of real estate and technology, I needed to get myself a beautiful home where me and my family could live peacefully. I was searching for some of the best apartments near Doddabanahalli, and that’s when I came across Assetz Bloom And Dell Phase 2, an elegant and luxurious space created for the people. The view from this place was breathtaking, and there were multiple Amenities offered by the builders, which made the site more appealing. 

Recently, when I visited Bangalore for my meeting, I had a perfect time here and was planning to get a room in a luxurious apartment. My friend also suggested that I buy a home so I don’t need to rent a condo whenever I visit Bangalore. 

Assetz Bloom And Dell Phase 2 was a good deal with a reliable price as the place was in Doddabanahalli, Bangalore, making it a fantastic option for a stay. When I first invested money in real estate, I got a property for an outstanding amount, and now that I’m investing here, I’m sure this will help me in the future. 

Multiple elements needed to be checked before I proceeded with this property. That’s when I called my friends to review the place and tell me whether it was right to invest there. The layout looked terrific, which means I can get a personalized experience if I suggest them. 

Getting a beautiful home in a place like Bangalore was a big deal. I have always loved this city, and Bangalore has a diverse culture with amazing people here, so I wanted to be here for a reasonable amount of time, and if I think it’s comfortable, I will get my family here. 

Why I Bought a Place in Assetz Bloom and Dell Phase 2

For a reliable amount of  ₹1.86 Crores to ₹2.47 Crores, I was getting a beautiful place at Assetz Bloom And Dell Phase 2. The site was covered by lush greenery and had a pleasing surrounding. The amenities offered here were top-notch, and with my place, I was paying for the services provided here.  

The connectivity was good, the overall location was impressive, and I could easily travel from here, so I had no excuse not to buy this place. The investments I made in the past, I did my analysis to ensure that I was investing in the correct property, but with this place, I was just convinced by the beauty of it and the services provided. 

Things I loved at Assetz Bloom And Dell Phase 2

Options Availability for a Minimum Price of ₹1.86 Crores to ₹2.47 Crores. 

First is the reliable investment for such a luxurious place in Bangalore. Getting a place Near Doddabanahalli, Bangalore, was essential for me, and now that I’m booking a location here, it’ll be easy for me to travel.  As I’ve invested my savings here, I don’t have any questions about this property now as I’m getting everything here. 

Greenery and the Space Around 

The second and most crucial was the greenery around. Looking at the layout, there’s greenery all around the apartment and a beautiful view, which was quite appealing. This view made the place a must-have as it’s all peace and greenery around.

Assetz Property Group Builders 

The builders have a solid foundation in this business, and they’re known for their outstanding and beautiful projects across India. The builder’s group provides all the amenities, and they are constructed for a harmonious living environment.

Space and Services at the Place

One of the only reasons I took this place was the beauty and the space they offered for the investment. There are 

2 Buildings with 186 units total, and the project area is 7.70 acres; they have made spacious rooms for every member, and all the services are well provided. 

Modern Amenities at Assetz Bloom and Dell Phase 2

The amenities here are exceptional and make the place complete from basic to advanced; every service is available here.  Starting we have a beautiful Tennis court for people who love to play Tennis. The site has Rainwater harvesting to ensure all the resources are rightly used and we make the most of what we have. There’s a beautiful Park

with Visitor parking here and a Lift accessible for all rooms in the building. To ensure safety, there’s CCTV and a children’s play area for kids. The place has a swimming pool where people can swim and rest. 

An apartment Gym was a must, and here we have a beautiful gym where I can work out efficiently. They also have a basketball court as I love playing basketball. I’ll be using this court to play basketball with my friends. There’s a beautiful clubhouse where people can play different games. There’s a power backup and a fire safety for the place, so members’ convenience is taken care of. The site has a common garden best for the morning and evening strolls. There’s a Sewage treatment plant for appropriate waste management and an Amphitheater. 
The place is beautiful and convenient, just like I wanted. When looking for this property, Nobroker verified property listings have helped me greatly. I recommend you guys check NoBroker.in for some fabulous apartments like these.

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