What are the Best Android Apps for Earning Money?

In recent years man has made a lot of advancements one of which is the smartphone. After the invention of the smartphone, a gradual trend of making conventional chores obsolete through different apps can easily be noticed. Not only have certain smartphone-supported apps made connectivity, ordering food and clothes easier by one click but it has also made earning money a little easier with just a few more clicks.

In all this, of course, the value of the internet has grown. You now need ultra-fast speed internet connections, so that you do not suffer any loss. Xfinity is a name that comes to mind when we talk about fast internet, all while being at affordable prices. So why not contact Xfinity customer service to check their connection availability in your area?

Just like Door Dash or Uber eats, there are some apps associated with the process of making money using your phones. So, we have gathered the following list of the best android apps for earning money that you need to check out instantly. (Given that you do have an android supported device).  

1. Amazon Seller

Who hasn’t heard about Amazon? It’s one of the world’s largest retailers, after all. Well, this app allows you to be a part of this organization.  An account in this app allows you to be one of the sellers of this organization. It has proven to be a great way for many to clear out a garage space, make a few bucks, and if everything works out good maybe start a small selling business. Technically they let you start for free however you have to pay $0.99 on every sale that you make. The app comes with a subscription feature that omits you from paying any amount on your sale, just pay $39.99 per month, this feature has turned out to be a good option for big sellers and given the app a lot of attention. 

2. Swagbucks

I am sure that nobody ever thought that scrolling down your phone, shopping online, just watching a video, playing online games, or just taking part in some online surveys would help you earn bucks online? Swagbucks is an app that pays you to do all the stuff stated above. It gives you rewards that you can redeem in form of specific gift cards, merchandise, or cash. Swagbucks operate in countries like the USA, India, Canada, Australia, France, and excreta. The app is available for free one can easily register through their Facebook account or your email.  It also allows you to transfer as little as $3 which means that you don’t have to wait for big paychecks. for every 20 minutes video you watch Swagbucks gives you two points. It also offers gift cards from Amazon, Wal-Mart PayPal, and more. Download Swagbucks and earn your rewards now.

3. M1 Finance

M1 Finance is an investment platform for building your wealth. This app acts like a finical advisor it provides you with finical tools to manage your investments, spending, and browsing.  It not only helps you to manage but also provides symmetry to your portfolio. M1 Finance has an intelligent automation system that provides you with the best resources to invest and the cheaper options for loaning money. The app allows you to make 1% on every dollar that is being spent, and then also to earn the same amount in 2 weeks that you would expect in a year with some renowned bank. The app automatically transfers settled funds in your bank account, it also gives handsome cash backs on the purchase of specific debit cards. A few of the key features include the Afternoon Trade Window after reaching a certain level in your investment portfolio you can invest in the morning and afternoon. The other promising feature would be that it offers services without any fee for management, making the job of a finical advisor obsolete. So rather than spending heaps of money on finical advisors install this app now and invest that amount for free.

4. Google Opinion Rewards

A Google opinion reward is a reward-based program. Google you say?  Now that’s a stamp of authenticity. Just fill up some surveys and later on Google will fill up your pockets. The app offers short surveys that you can cash on whenever you fill them. You get paid in form of PayPal or Google Play credit.  The surveys could be on any topic. They may be hotel reviews, opinion polls, and even brand surveys. Each survey can take anything between 10 seconds to just a minute. However, these credits are valid for a year and you most certainly would be notified by the app. The play store credits could be used to buy different apps, books, movies or games, and much more. You can easily receive payouts on PayPal if you are an IOS user. The app is available for free on the play store so what are you waiting for? To install and start your journey right away. 

Wrapping Up,

The aforementioned are the best android apps according to us that you must check out if you want to earn quick bucks. 

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