The Best and Coolest Bars in London

London is home to some of the best clubs scattered in various locations. The city hosts a wide range of bars with entertainment like live music, cuisines from different parts of the world and a wide range of drinks. Below are some of the best and coolest bars in London;

1. Chelsea Funhouse

The Chelsea Funhouse is one of the most sought after scenes in Chelsea. It consists of three floors of food, entertainment, and drinks on a Renaissance Revival building from the 19th century on King’s road. It is home to the Bletchley, which is a fully-immersive cocktail bar. The Bletchley features a World War Two- inspired escape room, which makes it more than a place to drink. In addition to the club, the Chelsea funhouse also features a journey-inspired restaurant. There is also a late-night cocktail lounge paying serving espresso martini inspired drinks.

2. Oriole

The Oriole is a cocktail bar located in East London. It is an incredible place to hang out and enjoy global influence. From the Oriole, you can also enjoy the exotic designs in the Smithfield market. The club serves a wide range of cocktails consisting of tastes and flavours from different parts of the globe. The club also offers food from different cultures. If you are a fan of music, this is the best place to hang out because it provides a range of live music like Cubano son and blues from the West Coast of Africa.

3. Swingers Crazy Golf

The Swingers Crazy Golf club features two central locations in London. The club is known for its crazy golf experience, street food, and unique cocktails. It also hosts some of the best street food vendors and DJs. All these elements, combined into one, create a fantastic location for people to enjoy an incredible social experience. The club does not issue dress code limitations, bans on phones, or penalties during the crazy games.

4. The Bootlegger

This is one of the coolest and quirkiest bars in London. The prohibition- inspired vintage club is located at the centre of East London. The club serves a wide range of cocktails, including custom drinks, vintage-inspired drinks, American foods, and other vintage adornments. The Bootlegger also provides live music from different jazz bands every night. The Bootlegger is known for being a lounge and party bar as well. It is the go-to venue for date nights, chatting, and drinking for anyone looking to have a different kind of fun in London.

5. Alcotraz: Prison Cocktail Bars

Alcotraz is a prison-inspired cocktail bar that brings to life the representation of TVs shown in Hollywood films and TV movies. The club offers a theatrical cocktail experience like no other. It provides an intimate and epic environment through which you can have fun with your friends. When drinking at Alcotraz, you have to adorn an orange jumpsuit upon entrance. It also features real metallic cells. To most people, Movierulz ht Alcotraz offers an experience of a lifetime.


Each of the clubs mentioned above is unique from the rest. This means that you can get a different experience from each.

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