Where to Buy Different Brands of Hand Sanitizer in Canada

The CDC and the Government of Canada have insisted that good hand hygiene is an effective way of combating the spread of Covid-19. Washing your hands with soap and water is the best method of maintaining proper hand hygiene but what happens when you’re not able to access soap and water.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer has become a critical item in the homes and personal effects of every Canadian since the coronavirus pandemic began in the country. However, take a stroll around most drug stores and pharmacies in Canada and you’ll see empty shelves where hand sanitizer used to sit unperturbed.

With shortages of alcohol-based sanitizer kicking it almost instantly, some Canadian outlets have had to go over and beyond to make sure they’re always stocked with different hand sanitizer brands. Here are some of the Canadian stores from where you can expect to buy different brands of hand sanitizer Canada.

1. 72hours.Ca

If you’d like to be more specific with where you buy your products, then 72hours.ca is the ideal store for you. 72hours is Canada’s leading provider of survival supplies and emergency preparedness kits. The company sells all sorts of emergency supplies so that whenever disaster strikes, it finds people stocked and ready.

The company sells a variety of hand sanitizer brands of different sizes. Customers have the option of buying pocket-friendly sized hand sanitizer as well as in large amounts for people who would like to stock up for a while and not have to think about buying hand sanitizer again.

2. Free People Canada

Free People is a woman-centered online store with three wholesale showrooms in the United States. The store has been in operation since 1970 and has built a loyal fanbase ever since.

At present, Free People sells 4 sanitizer brands that include Keep It Clean Hand Sanitizer that doubles up as a key chain, Merci Handy Hand Sanitizer, Ariana Ost Hand Sanitizer, and Moon Bath Hand Sanitizer. The store has free shipping on offer to Canada for orders over $100.

3. Amazon Canada

Amazon is the biggest online store in the entire world and it’s easy to see why. The company has made it easy for the average user to get what they want while offering a multitude of options without overwhelming the customer.

The store has hundreds of hand sanitizer brands available for every Canadian to buy. It also sells other related accessories such as hand sanitizer dispenser and leak-proof travel cases for storing hand sanitizer if you’re on the move.

4. Anthropologie Canada

Anthropologie is mostly known as a lifestyle brand that sells clothes and accessories but it is also stocked with hand sanitizer.

Available brands within the store’s catalogue include Curie Mini Hydrating Hand Sanitizer, Mints Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer, Megababe Squeaky Clean Hand Sanitizer, and Shea Brand Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer among many other brands.

5. Newegg Canada

Newegg is a leading e-retailer operating in North America and offers competitive prices for a wide variety of products. It has distribution centers scattered across Canada and the United States with tens of millions of registered users.

The online retail store has a wide selection of hand sanitizer options for customers to buy either in bulk or as one-off pieces.

6. Etsy Canada

Etsy Canada is an online market that focuses on DIY products as well as factory-made. With over 13 million visits from the country alone, Etsy is a clear top choice for most Canadians and its product variety does not disappoint. It helps small businesses and big companies to sell a variety of products such as toys, clothing, electronics, and beauty products.

The company has tens of hand sanitizer brands such as Little Flower Hand Sanitizer and HeartMade Hand Sanitizer. The store also has countless DIY accessories for people who make hand sanitizer from their homes such as bottles as well as hand sanitizer stickers and holders.

7. Walmart Canada

Walmart is the world’s biggest retail company. It has grocery stores, department stores, as well as hypermarkets so rest assured Walmart has range when it comes to product variety.

The company’s Canadian online store sells electronics, fashion accessories, and pharmaceutical products and it records over 37 million visits every month. It’s stocked with the world’s leading hand sanitizer brands such as Purell, Hello Bello, and Lifebuoy.

8. Home Depot Canada

Home Depot focuses on selling home supplies such as home and garden equipment, tools, and many other related products. It operates in the United States, Mexico, and Canada with its Canadian online store receiving over 20 million visits each month. It has various brands of hand sanitizer on sales such as Purell, Panita, and One Stop.

3 Things You Should Know About Hand Sanitizers

Here are three things you ought to keep in mind before making an order for hand sanitizer from any of the stores listed above:

1. Hand Sanitizer Is Not as Effective as Soap and Water

The CDC and the Government of Canada recommend that people wash their hands with soap and water whenever they can as it’s the most efficient method of killing germs and bacteria.

2. Hand Sanitizer Will Not Remove Chemicals or Grease From Your Hands

If your work entails you dealing with chemicals such as pesticides or lab work, hand sanitizer will not remove chemical residue from your hand. To keep yourself safe from harmful chemicals, you need to work with gloves on and clean with soap and water afterward.

3. There’s an Appropriate Method of Using Hand Sanitizer

The Government of Canada recommends that people follow the instructions printed on the hand sanitizer labeling for the best results. Generally, it involves applying enough liquid for both hands on the palm of one hand and rubbing in between fingers and all over the hands until its dry.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to fighting the coronavirus, nothing is as effective as washing your hands with soap and water. Hand sanitizer, however, is a great solution when you’re nowhere close to a sink. Unfortunately, hand sanitizer in Canada has been limited in supply because people did a lot of panic buying.

The 8 stores listed above should prove convenient for Canadians looking for alternative sources in the event the local pharmacy has run out of stock. When shopping, keep in mind that alcohol-based sanitizer is the better option for maintaining good hand hygiene.

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