Which are the Best Institutes for Digital Marketing Training That Provide Job Placement Also?

By and large, the digital marketing industry of India is currently booming. Regardless of a reputed brand or a freelancer, every professional looks forward to making their presence noticeable. For this reason, several entrepreneurs and companies are leveraging the best digital marketing course with placement guarantee.

Today, India hosts a plethora of digital marketing institutes. And through this, it is quite evident that digital marketing training is at an all-time high. The reason behind this enormous revolution is the demand for digital marketing professionals and the impactful results brought by digital channels.

But what are India’s leading and ideal institutes for digital marketing training? Well, the list is probably. And since figuring out the best can be intimidating, we’ll cut to the chase and help you.

This article will give you a detailed insight into the best institutes for digital marketing training. But that’s not all. We’ve carefully figured out those professional institutes that provide excellent job placements as.

But before we dig deeper into the leading institutes of India, let’s check out the scope of digital marketing.

What is the Scope of Digital Marketing in India?

During the past few years, the popularity of digital marketing has deliberately skyrocketed. And presently, almost every company is vigorously searching for digital marketers. In other words, they have been searching for professionals who can efficiently help in managing their marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing is a vast term comprising different kinds of digital marketing conducted through digital communications. All, Paid Media Advertising enables you to display ads to your target audience, making it cost-effective compared to traditional marketing.

As digital marketing comes with an array of benefits, several companies are on the lookout for digital marketers. In fact, some businesses are hiring professionals with training in online marketing. And this is how several institutions teaching digital marketing are deliberately increasing.

Let us now quickly dive into finding the best digital marketing institutes in India.


Simplilearn is the pioneering and one of the best institutes for digital marketing training in India. The institution is completely dedicated to assisting people in enduring and enhancing the abilities required for succeeding.

This online platform offers in-depth online training in a wide range of subjects, including b2b digital marketing, data science, etc. Other training course programs constitute cyber security and project management as well.

To date, Simplilearn has dedicatedly contributed across numerous fields and distinctive industries. Above all, they have significantly helped more than 2 million people and businesses across 150 countries. In fact, this online education platform enables you to learn, get certified, and also upskill your employees.

Simplilearn offers complete certification programs and individual courses to all enthusiasts out there. The platform has deliberately joined hands and partnered up with some world-renowned universities.

Also, they’ve been successfully offering work-ready skills to thousands of corporate training organizations and millions of individuals. These skills are exquisitely designed so that you can incessantly flourish in your careers.

Simplilearn is a highly dedicated platform offering more than 1,500 live classes monthly. Besides, it offers real-world projects and many more.

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IIDE The Digital School is another fine institute for digital marketing training. Whenever it comes to industry-relevant training, the institute significantly excels. Their comprehensive curriculum includes technical digital marketing education that essentially aligns with corporate expectations.

The digital marketing courses of this platform are quite flexible, and you can enroll in both online and offline modes. Its motto is to make digital marketing education available and accessible to all aspiring students and marketers.

Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing

This specialized digital marketing institute is completely focused on developing trainee careers. In fact, it also helps in bridging the gap between business and talented workers. The institution is committed to providing high-quality digital marketing courses at an advanced level.

The in-depth knowledge of digital marketing approaches only suits the growing demand for qualified professionals across the world.


DMTI has been training and preparing a considerable number of digital marketing professionals with the highest degree of practical skills. The platform also offers some basic principles to professionals so that they can succeed in this dynamic world. Their courses have been designed in such a way that any aspiring e-marketer can actually profit from them.

The accreditation of DMTI enables you to create, develop, and implement highly effective digital marketing plans. Training more than 10,000 students every year, DMTI’s digital marketing degree is recognized and accepted by the best companies.


This platform incessantly develops online learning along with a classroom setup. It is exclusively meant for providing quality education to the future workforce, thus ensuring a better tomorrow. As the platform collaborated with MICA, the emergence of Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing thus happened.

Freelancers Academy

Freelancers Academy is another dedicated name when it comes to digital marketing training institutes. They ensure that highly skilled professionals within the industry take up all digital marketing classes.

This dedicated platform is an absolute firm believer in blending the learning approach. In fact, they strive to educate their students with an appropriate mix of practical and academic knowledge. Also, students get to learn some industry-relevant skills from the professors.

To conclude

To become a proficient digital marketer, you must learn and possess a variety of skills. Digital marketing is undoubtedly not a single thing. It instead incorporates a huge set of concepts that span all online marketing platforms. Also, before you can apply to any of these courses, you need to portray your experience.And lastly, don’t forget to conduct your analysis and research to find the most appropriate digital marketing institution for you. So once you are done with everything, consider enrolling yourself in the best digital marketing institute in India.

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