The WiSpy [ Tested ]: Reviewing the Real Mobile Tracker

Are you looking for a mobile phone tracker app?

Are you a parent & worried about the digital activities of your child?

Say no to worries as modern technology has brought us to the best solution to our questions. TheWiSpy is a spy app for Android that has changed the scenario and works brilliantly in stealth mode. 

This article helps you reveal why you must prefer TheWiSpy & what makes it best among others?

Reviewing TheWiSpy App:

Well, we may think that tracking a cell phone requires prolonged encoding and technical knowledge. The WiSpy mobile phone tracker app has changed the old ways of tracking a mobile phone. It is great to use technology well, but many hackers use the internet and modern technology to make people vulnerable. A phone tracker app for Android, The WiSpy, assists you to spy on all the mobile & social activities of a target device to protect your loved ones.

TWS is the best mobile phone tracker app that grants you access to all corners of the target mobile phone. Let’s move on to the reasons for using mobile tracker apps or why to choose TWS:

Reasons for Using Tracker Apps:

There could be many reasons for using Android apps. Perhaps the main reasons are discussed below:

Monitor Employees:

Many companies suffer a lot because of their employees. Employees are the infrastructure of a company that holds the whole company. High-profiled companies have more data or information like details of the clients’ products or personal project details. You also want your credentials not to leak through any source. When you hire an employee, you expect 100% performance to make your company more progressive. Some of them may waste their working time by playing addictive games and using social media apps. Another major risk for companies is their insider threats prevented by using any cell phone tracker app. 

TheWiSpy employee monitoring software helps in controlling the employee details and activities during working hours. So then why not TWS, which assists you in tracking all the activities of your employees remotely.  

Monitoring Teens:

Teenage is the age where you have to choose one path between right or wrong. In today’s world, the internet has a more significant influence on children’s minds than anything. The internet is interrelated with some good and bad aspects. Many sites have inadequate content for children. Parents must teach them the use of the internet. Teaching them isn’t enough here; there is still a need to monitor them to make them better people because hundreds of things on the internet can divert children’s minds. TWS helps you to monitor kids’ phones remotely with amazing mobile tracking features.

Catch Cheating Spouse:

Catching a cheater is not impossible; by using TheWiSpy you can track Android phones secretly. Moreover, TWS enables you to access the social media actions of your spouse like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram activities. Other than this, you can monitor your partner for the sake of their protection. Like in any emergency, you can quickly locate their nearby locations & help them deal with the situation. 

Let us disclose the practical importance of TWS along with a detailed review of its features.


App Monitoring:

TheWiSpy is the best to track Android phones secretly that assists you in monitoring the activity of the target device. By logging into the target device, you will view the chat history, contact details, and news feeds. In addition, you can add limitations to specific apps or block them so your employee or children won’t use them.

Track Browser:

TheWiSpy allows you to track commonly visited sites. Furthermore, a spy app for Android will assist you in monitoring the web browser pages, history, or saved cookies, if any.

Track Text Messages:

Texting is prevalent among humans; your child, spouse, or workers may waste time conversing with friends or peers. You can track them through the TWS mobile phone tracker app.

Track Call Logs: 

You can track the calls and caller details of the target device. In addition, you can monitor Company-owned devices to prevent your information and restrict or block offensive numbers. 

Location Tracker:

TWS permits you to track the location of your children, employee, or spouses in two possible ways:


Through Geofencing, you can mark the danger or safe zones on the map of your child or employee. Then, whenever they visit those places, you would receive an alert on your control panel.

Trace GPS Location

The GPS location tracker allows you to track the current locations of the end-user. In addition, you can view the location history of all the sites they have visited.

Email Tracker:

TWS, a cell phone tracker app, enables you to review the emails of your target device. 

MMS Files Tracking:

TheWiSpy, a monitoring app for Android, permits you to monitor and control the multimedia files of your end-user. e.g., if you find out that your child or employee is hiding something crucial, you can view them from the control panel.

Activity Reports:

TWS will show activity logs and their history on your control panel. To protect your employee or spouse from excessive app usage, you can restrict or block some apps by viewing the activity report of that device. 

Current Screen Access:

If your child is viewing something illegal, you can track them through the TWS cell phone tracker app by viewing the current screen of the end device. Furthermore, you can take screenshots of the current activities running on that phone.

Surround Recordings:

TWS can access the microphone of the end device that will permit you to hear the background sound or listen to the enclosed surroundings.

Other features:

TheWiSpy keeps you updated with many other features as well:

  • Keylogger 
  • 24/7 prompt alerts 
  • Spy camera
  • Remote video recording 
  • Call recording 
  • Track calendar reminders
  • Track memos
  • Remote access to target phones many more.

Compatibility & Affordability:

One must not forget to check the compatibility status of a mobile phone tracker app while purchasing an account. Fortunately, TWS is highly compatible with all Android and its latest versions. 

Using TWS you can get the most affordable and suitable prices plans in three different packages.

Price Plans:

TheWiSpy has three different plans that carry various sets of features. So here is the distribution of three price plans for you.

1. Basic Plan:

The Basic plan offers call tracking, GPS location tracking, and many more. 

  • 1-month plan: $29.99 only
  • 3-months plan: $59.99 only
  • 6-months plan: $89.99 only

2. Premium Plan:

The package is for remote roles that you can use to control your children’s phones. Such as you can tape audio, remove folders, uninstall applications, and much more. 

  • 1-months plan: $39.99 only
  • 3-months plan: $69.99 only
  • 6-months plan: $99.99 only

3. Platinum Plan:

The platinum plan has the most advanced tracking features—for instance, camera spying, microphone access, and many more.

  • 1-month plan: $69.99 only
  • 3-months plan: $119.99 only
  • 6-months plan: $149,99 only

How to Install TheWiSpy?

To track Android mobile phones secretly, TWS offers an easy installation process. So lets now guide you towards the Installation process of TheWiSpy:

To install TWS you’re just three steps away:

  1. Register
  2. Install
  3. Track 


To get your TheWiSpy account. First, visit the website and open the price option from the main menu. You will see three different price plans on the pricing page:

  1. Select the best suitable match for your requirement.
  2. Tap on the “Try Now button” to register yourself.
  3. Add your account details and Sign-Up. 


Now you need physical access to the target device to install the TWS android spy application. Then Visit the URL in any browser. Tap on the installation command and start downloading the TWS cell phone tracker app. Launch the app and accept the permissions asked by the spy app for Android. 


Go to the dashboard link on any web browser on your phone after logging in to your account. You will find the remote features. Select your best suitable features. Now start tracking remotely by looking over the digital details on your device. 

Now, you’re all set to track & control your target’s mobile device.


  1. TWS enables you to track mobile activities through the Control Panel.
  2. It assists you to protect your loved ones from cybercrimes.
  3. TWS wholly operates in the background.
  4. It is undetected by the target user.


  1. It can track one device at a time.
  2. Requires hand-by-hand access to install the app.

In A Nutshell:

TheWiSpy, the best monitoring app for Android, has acknowledged the importance of spying apps. TWS has launched the latest features. Choosing the spy app for Android depends on your necessity and budget. Make sure you invest in a cell phone tracker app that offers you compatibility along with affordability.

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