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You’ve probably noticed that companies from all over the world are making accessibility an important part of their business strategy.

Accessibility in technology is not just a trendy topic; it’s the new norm.

This article covers why bot blocking is important, website accessibility standards and bot protection solutions, what it means to improve accessibility in bot protection, and how to prevent bots from accessing your site while remaining accessible to humans.

Because they’re often used to verify whether a user is a robot or not, people tend to criticize them. However, most CAPTCHAs require no special accommodation for the blind.

As far as we know, most people who use the internet haven’t been big fans of the user experience when using traditional CAPTCHAs. So, the first thing we need to do to improve our user experience is to make them easier to solve.

Step 1: Try to Minimize the Number of Humans Who Ever See a CAPTCHA.

Since most of your users shouldn’t need to deal with a captcha, it’s a bad idea to use one as the first line of protection against bots. 

There are two main reasons why:

  • A CAPTCHA that requires an interaction every single time a visitor comes to your web page makes the user experience worse for everyone involved.
  • By themselves, CAPTCHAs aren’t effective at stopping bot attacks.

Instead, you need a way to determine whether the CAPTCHA is necessary before asking your users to complete one. 

Advanced bot protection with machine learning detection and the ability to quarantine threats and allowlist non–threats is the essential precondition for your CAPTCHA solution.

If you want to be sure that you have the right bot protection solution for your business and that you’re not blocking humans from using your platform, one way to determine if your bot is working properly is by checking its false positive rate.

You need to ensure that your bot protection service provides complete transparency around false negative rates.

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Step 2: The Best Bot Blocking Solution

Traffic Type

It’s surprising that a number of sites still use a simple CAPTCHA as a bot blocking solution but nowadays bots are designed in a way that they can easily surpass CAPTCHA. You need to start investing in advanced bot blocking solutions like Traffic Cop that not only stops traffic bots but hides ads from being served on a site unless it’s detected that the user is a bot or human. Hundreds of publishers have been able to stop four-figure revenue clawbacks and AdSense bans simply by using this affordable solution.

With the Traffic Cop dashboard, you get detailed reports and analysis on Traffic type, bot traffic by country, device, IP address, and much more. 

Once bot traffic is detected they are further classified into harmless, suspicious, and critical invalid traffic. 

After that, bad bot behavior is blocked for good and you’ll never have to worry about ad revenue clawbacks again.


Detecting Sophisticated Bots:

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Detecting Sophisticated Invalid Traffic or SIVT is possible through granular bot detection by IP address. Once you detect these bad bots in the IP address itself, you are blocking IVT from the root. Use this advanced bot protection tool to say bye to these pesky bots forever.

Wrap Up

If you’d like to see an improvement in your bot protection and prevent the bad bots from accessing your site, Traffic Cop can help. You don’t need to be a tech wizard or have any programming or design experience to get started; it’s quite simple to use. If you want to improve your business but need help getting started, try Traffic Cop Today!

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