7 Causes of Ignition Interlock Lockout

An ignition lockout can be terrible especially when you need an urgent ride somewhere. This is why it is advisable to learn what can cause it so you can avoid it. By the way, check here if you’re asking “how many times can you fail interlock?”.

1. Failed Breath Test

A failed breath test is one of the top reasons for ignition interlock lockout. Note that if your BAC or blood alcohol content reaches .02-.025, you will be locked out.


Although the laws are different in every state, they aren’t so far off. For a lot of people, their blood alcohol level can get to that mark from only one drink.

Once you fail this test, you will get a temporary lockout lasting minutes. After the timer, you can take the test again.

2. Skipping a Rolling Retest

Rolling tests come after the initial or startup breath test.

You see:

After passing the breath test that is required to start your vehicle, you are not off the hook. You will be asked to submit a breath test at random times.

These are called rolling retests. If you skip a rolling retest, your car will not be stopped but it can enter a service lockdown once you turn it off.

3. Missed or Skipped Service Visit

Although the laws differ per state, one very common law is that you must bring in your vehicle for service visits at appointed times. This is usually after every thirty days. If you miss your visit, the authorities will know.

Here’s why:

At each visit, your technician will download the information that your ignition interlock device has stored. The technician will also recalibrate your device. If you skip such a visit, you will likely get a service lockout

4. Attempting to Bypass the Device

This mistake is often made by people. Here is an important tip: do not try to bypass your device. If you get someone else to blow into it, it will be recorded. If you try to use another method to blow into it, it will also be recorded.

This is because the device is designed specifically for you and is equipped with technology to help the machine recognize you.

Attempting to bypass or trick the device will earn you a service lockout.

5.    Attempting to Tamper with or Remove the Device

Another common mistake people make is attempting to tamper with the ignition interlock device.

In case you might be asking yourself:

How is this possible?

The device is designed specially to pick up any attempt to tamper with it. If such an attempt is discovered, your device will immediately send an alert to your service centre. It will earn you a service lockout.

6. Missed Vehicle Maintenance

Another way to get a service lockout is to skip your vehicle maintenance. If your technician doesn’t get access to your device in time, the device will detect it and will promptly lock you out.

7. Incorrect Vehicle Maintenance

If your technician doesn’t maintain your vehicle properly, it can lead to a service workout even if it isn’t your fault. This is why it is important to use a highly-rated ignition interlock service provider.

Types of Ignition Interlock Lockout

There are two different types of ignition interlock lockouts.

1. Temporary Lockout

As the name implies, this isn’t permanent. When this happens, a countdown of several will start. When it runs out, you will be able to once again submit a breath sample. If you pass this test, you can start the car.

2. Service Lockout

This usually lasts several days. When this starts, a countdown for several days will begin.

To undo this, you have to log into your account to order another one. Alternatively, you can call.

When the countdown lapses, you will not be able to start your car if you do not have a new ignition interlock.

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