Top 8 Characteristics an Indian Woman Looks for in Her Future Husband

As a man who has signed up on matrimony platforms with the hope of finding a wife, you need to know what the Indian woman wants in a husband. When it comes to looking for that ideal life partner, there is still a little princess inside every woman – someone who wants to be pampered and adored. And yet, what the princess wants in her Prince Charming has undergone a sea change over the years. While earlier, prime importance was given to a prospective partner’s earning capacity and family background, women these days seek a lot more! She yearns for companionship, respect and a fun-filled journey together. She also places a lot of importance on her own space – to nurture her ambitions, her personal goals and her equations with family and friends. To make it easier, here are the top 8 characteristics that the modern Indian woman looks for in her prospective husband. 

1. Love and Companionship

This is, of course, the non-negotiable bedrock of any relationship. At the end of the day, every woman looks forward to that cocoon of intimacy where it is just herand her significant other, sharing the travails of the day and basking in each other’s company. To be loved, comforted and wanted is top of the list for any woman looking for a prospective husband. 

2. Compatibility 

If in early days, compatibility was supposed to stem from families approving of each other, it is now accepted among millennials that true compatibility comes from the balance between two individuals’ dreams and attitudes. So, how you want to live your life, what you believe in, and what you hold dear will determine whether the two of you can build a happy and fulfilling life together. 

3. Respect for her personal space

The Indian woman values her culture and traditions, but is not willing to be a docile partner in the relationship anymore. She knows her worth as a hardworking, independent person and looks forward to having a partner who respects her individuality and boundaries. From not butting into her personal choices, like dressing style or religious practices, to honouring her need for space and privacy, blissful matrimony to her means a safe nest where she is nurtured, not constricted. 

4. Respect for her career goals

Women today are just as focussed on their careers as men and plan meticulously for the heights they want to conquer. Which is why she looks forward to a partner who understands that she may not always be available to cook dinner at the end of a long, hard day or take care of household chores all on her own. She has her heart set on a partner who understands her drive and motivates her to bring all of her career dreams to reality. 

5. Equal partnership in home affairs

Those days are long gone when only women had to shoulder household responsibilities or chores. They now aspire to be with someone who can help them run the home with equal sincerity. So, from cooking and cleaning to washing, taking care of kids or parents, modern women expect their husbands to share all duties with a smile. 

6. Financial Freedom

This is especially important for independent women, who are used to handling their own money, before tying the knot. They expect their financial freedom to be intact even after getting married. The perfect companion, to her, is one who respects her decisions when it comes to the money she earns. She expects financial accountability to be mutual and considers her control over her financial independence dear. 

7. Honest Expression of Thoughts and Feelings

It is not always a ‘strong, silent man’ that the Indian woman wants, unlike what many romantic novels claim! She expects her partner to share his thoughts and feelings with her. Transparency and easy communication is what she needs to keep the fire of togetherness going. And of course, she expects you to trust her and listen to her when she bares her heart.  

8. Open-mindedness and Compassion

Kindness, empathy and progressive thinking are some qualities that modern women in India look for in her dream husband. He should be someone who considers and values others’ feelings, ideas and opinions, and knows how to care. And these are the qualities a woman looks for in her day to day life, not just on special occasions or when you are out with friends. A marriage is fulfilling and blissful when two people who respect and love each other come together. However, it needs a bit of work to last for years. Which is why, as a man, knowing what a woman wants is so crucial to let the happy vibes flow and make your matrimonial life a fulfilling one. Hopefully, the guide above has been able to give you the help you need.

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