Chennai and Its Beautiful Beaches

Travel to Chennai for its Beautiful Beaches

By Alex

August 9, 2021

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  • Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu State, lies in the southern part of India. Chennai is well-known for its unique culture, tropical climate, inexpensive tickets for concerts and movies, temples, and much more. 

    But what we often miss out on are the beaches in Chennai. Chennai not only has beaches but family beaches to visit. So many visitors across the globe come to one of these waterfronts to loosen up and rejoice with their valuable ones. 

    Yes, these beaches are truly worth it. So if you’re looking for a blog that could detail you regarding the best beaches in Chennai, you’re glancing at the perfect blog. 

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    Which are the outstanding beaches of Chennai, one mustn’t miss? 

    To be precise, there are several, and to select a few among them is a bit complicated. But let’s get on with it and not waste any more time.  

    1. Breezy beach
    2. Elliot’s beach 
    3. Pebble beach 
    4. Marina beach 
    5. VGP Golden beach 

    Breezy beach

    The Breezy Beach is small in size; it has an incredibly calm atmosphere. The beach is not crowded as it is out of the way. It is elegant and tidy. It is well maintained. The street food available is to die for and quite famous. One can do site-seeing and enjoy the sunset view. It is the loveliest beach to spend quality time with your loved ones. Couples would cherish this beach too. 

    1. Located near – Valmiki Nagar.
    2. Best time to visit- In the evening during the sunset.
    3. Popular among – Morning and evening walkers. 

    Elliot’s beach

    The Elliots beach was named after Edward Elliot; he was a chief magistrate in Madras. The specialty of this beach is said to be its historical and cultural origins. It has the oldest houses and is the home to the IIT campus. This beach is pleasant and loved by all of its visitors. The warm sand and the gloomy sky adds to its beauty. 

    Elliot’s beach consists of all the ancient time rides. So if you wish to surprise your grandparents and take them down memory lane, this beach will be the best option. 

    1. Location – Besant Nagar. 
    2. Best time to visit – Morning 6 am to 8 am or 4 pm to 8 pm. 
    3. Famous for – Escaping the heat of Chennai & to feel the Golden sand. 

    Pebble beach

    Pebble beach is regarded as the best beach to spend moments in solitude. It is adored even more as it is behind the seashore temple of Mahabalipuram. The tourist would visit the temple and the seashore without wandering a lot. The beach is peaceful, and the waves soothe one’s soul. One could find delightful North Indian food nearby the beach in a famous Delhi Dhaba. 

    1. Location – One km from Thiruvanmiyur. 
    2. Best time to visit – Any time of the day. 
    3. Popular for – Peaceful atmosphere. 

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    Marina beach

    Marina beach is said to be a natural urban beach. If you wish to view the Pulse of Chennai choose Marina beach. 

    The visitors can also swim in the allowed areas. One can appoint a guide and get the wonderful site glimpsing and knowledge regarding the beach. Marina beach is the second largest beach on the globe.

    1. Location- Tamil Nadu along the Bay of Bengal. 
    2. Best time to visit – After 6 pm. 
    3. Popular for – To view the Pulse of the entire city. 

    VGP Golden beach

    The VGP Golden beach is not just a beach but a resort with a beach in it. It’s like a home away from home. It is a private beach with the essence of a park attached to it with an incredible site of virgin waters. One will notice numerous people going for daylight walks. The beach is excellent for surfing as well. 

    1. Location – Injambakkam, Chennai. 
    2. Best time to visit – 24*7 
    3. Popular for – The service provided and its luxurious vibes. 


    Every time you visit Chennai, you must hop into at least one of these beaches, because if you didn’t, you would miss the best part of Chennai.

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