How to Choose Window Shade

Window shades are one of the most popular kinds of window dressing and with good reason! If you plan to install window shades, you can read more about cellular shades at the Blinds By Design website. Window shades are relatively cheap, easy to install and come in various fabrics and styles compared to other window dressing options. Since they are available in such wide varieties, you may have a tough time choosing the right kind of window shades for the various rooms in your house. Read on to learn more about the different types of shades and what you should consider when choosing amongst them. 

How Much Light Do You Want in the Room? 

Shades are available in different opacities that offer varying degrees of privacy and protection from the light. Unlike blinds, you cannot adjust shades to let in the amount of light you desire, so it is essential to consider this when shopping. 

You should purchase shades made of thicker or darker materials for rooms where you do not want much light. For rooms where you desire much light, choosing blinds made of lighter and brighter fabrics is advisable. The decreased opacity can be made up for by using shades in combination with other kinds of window dressing where necessary, e.g., curtains. 

What Level of Privacy is Required?

Windows allow us to enjoy the natural light, and window shades allow us a degree of privacy while enjoying the natural light. You can consider installing shades that block all light and views from outside for rooms where you want total privacy. For more open spaces like kitchen windows, you should use window shades that are translucent and let in a reasonable degree of natural light. 

What is the Kind and Size of Your Windows?

Windows come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. To choose the right window shade for your home, you must consider the kinds and dimensions of the window you will be dealing with. Large windows will require larger shades and vice versa. 

What is Your Interior Decor Theme and Color Scheme?

Your window shades must match the overall design of your home. Check whether your furniture, artwork, and other fixtures are sleeker and more modern or traditional and more laidback. Your existing interior decor style will dictate your choice of window shades. 

Choosing shades that fit your decor scheme will complement and complete your home, whereas choosing the wrong ones will create a mismatched look. If in doubt, you can consult a professional interior designer or go for the most straightforward and least distracting choice.  

Many online tools feature color charts that help untrained eyes to pick complementary colors. A rule of thumb is always to pick a few shades darker than your wall color when choosing window shades.  

What is Your Budget?

Windows shades are very cheap (if you want the vinyl kind roll-up kind sold at retail stores) but can also be costly for homeowners seeking highly customized shades. Choosing the best window shades for you means doing your research and purchasing the highest quality type available within your budget. Be sure to compare various vendors to check to find the best deal for your chosen kind of window shade. 

Choosing from the Various Types of Window Shades 

The various kinds of window shades are appropriate for specific functions, styles, and rooms. Roll-up window shades are very cheap and easy to clean when made of materials like vinyl and therefore are suitable for areas like the kitchen and bathroom. They are also straightforward to install and customize using stencils. 

Roman shades are more expensive than rollup shades because they are fabric and have elegant gathers and folds that bestow a unique appearance. They are more costly than roll-up shades and require professional installation. 

Silhouette shades resemble horizontal blinds, and they float elegantly in your window. They are S-shaped and made from sheer fabrics that give your windows and rooms a sophisticated feel. Like Roman shades, silhouette shades have a higher price tag than roll-up shades and require professional installation. 

Pirouette shades move upwards and curve like a pirouette. Pirouette shades are expensive to install but undoubtedly worth it for homeowners seeking to make an impression. Pirouette shades will protect you from UV rays and offer the privacy required of all window dressings. They are also much more expensive than roll-up shades. 

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