100+ Conversion-Boosting Templates to Personalize Your Fax Content

When you speak of a fax document, security and concision of business communication comes hand in hand. It’s a proven fact that while fax machines have evaporated into thin air, online fax services like CocoFax support the sending and receiving of fax messages.

When it comes to online faxing and CocoFax, this platform has proven to be an undefeated leader. There are a lot of reasons why CocoFax holds that sort of importance in a perfectly competitive online fax service industry. 

In addition to offering seamless and hassle free sending and receiving fax services, there is a lot more that is offered by online fax giant, CocoFax. One of the most important deliverables we will talk about here is the fax cover sheet.

What is a fax cover sheet, you may ask and how does it attain relevance in a fax machine? A fax cover sheet is a document that serves as an initial cover page before the actual fax message. It is imperative for a well structured fax message. 


CocoFax, in the wake of offering class apart services to its users, offers not one, not two, but about 100+ printable fax cover sheet. Now let that sink in! Being aware of the volume of options that this platform provides, let’s now understand how and why exactly can a fax cover sheet make a difference to your operations:

What exactly is in a Fax Cover Sheet

Remember how we always seal our letter in an envelope so that it only reaches the desired recipient? Fax cover sheet acts like an envelope. As a cover sheet sent before the actual fax message, it has all essential details stated.

It comprises the sender and recipient details, the date of the fax, the subject of the fax, and any other substantial information that cannot be categorized to any of the above stated areas. 

Now coming to the main contents of the fax cover sheet, it has already been stated that it acts like an envelope for the actual fax message. To construe the same, it has the below mentioned contents:

1)      Letterhead

A company’s letterhead is the official header and footer of the company. A letter on the company’s official letter head is a prima facie proof that the document has been received on behalf of the company. 

The letter head comprises a lot of specifics of the company, well structured in a header and footer format. It comprises information like the company name, the company logo, the company tax ID and other essential registrations. 

The letter head also comprises the company’s communication information like the company’s official email ID and phone number. All this information sends out a very legitimate message to the recipient of the message. 

2)      Sender and Recipient Information

Stating where the message has come from and who the message is intended for is very important. There are many reasons why this information is extremely relevant but most importantly it is so as to ensure the confidentiality of the message.

When the sender’s name is particularly stated at the very start of the message, there is very little likelihood of someone else accessing the message. As and when a message is received on a fax machine, anyone standing near the fax machine can witness the message if there is no cover sheet.

However, when the message does have a cover sheet, it would state whom the message is meant for. Even if the person receiving the fax is not the person for whom the fax was meant for, he can hand over the fax to the rightful intended recipient.

On the very contrary, if there is no specification of who the sender or the recipient of the fax is, it will just float around the office looking for the intended recipient. It will ensure that almost everyone will read the message and claim that it is not for them. So much for confidentiality!

3)      Call to Action

Call to action states what is the purpose of the fax? What is the person receiving the fax supposed to do? Is there a requirement for a confirmation or a feedback?
It is essential to know what the next line of conduct of the recipient should be. 

This also ensures that the purpose of sending out the fax does not stay diluted and the task remains fulfilled. Clarity of the action  that is supposed to be taken also allows there to be no room for delays in operations and processes. 

4)      Subject

Subject is just a one line snippet of what the fax content is all about. It contains the very precise information pertaining to the fax. The fact or urgency or document or communication reference can be given in the subject to make it more relatable. 

5)      Comments

Any information or detail that cannot be a part of any other section can be placed in this supplementary section also known as comments. When it comes to Comments, any matter that does not have a specific category can be placed here. 

Benefits of fax cover sheet

Fax cover sheets offer a proper structure to a fax message. It helps in casting a professional impression. In business parlance, structuring of messages is very important that is why there are templates for all kinds of business communications.

Having a fax cover sheet also rightly protects the sanctity of the message. It is not out for display for everyone and only meant for the recipient. If there is no cover sheet, the fax might even end on the bulletin board of the company seeking the rightful owner. 


With over a 100+ printable fax cover sheets, CocoFax only makes faxing documents a lot more fun and exciting. It essentially brings a lot of clarity in communication of the fax. In addition to this, it also makes sure that the fax does not get any unwanted attention.

Further, when it comes to official messages, faxes are trusted for the reason of amazing security they render. With CocoFax support the aim of a fax message is never compromised.

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