Best Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas

Couples will match outfits and even pet names, but there is a difference with tattoos. Some get to the point in their relationship where they feel that getting tattoos with their partners is the next step, which is okay. However, you need to choose the best matching couple tattoos if you decide to get one with your loved one.

Tattoos are permanent, and getting a couple of tattoos is a permanent sign of celebrating the other person. There are many types of tattoo types to choose from. This can be the couple’s name tattoos, rings, or even an infinity sign on the fingers or the wrist. Check out these stunning couple tattoo ideas.

Forever And Always

This short phrase drives the point home. It is short and sweet, and the message is cute. Having your partner tattooing the ‘forever’ part and getting inked the ‘always’ part will make you two look cute together. Seeing the tattoo daily reminds you of a person who will love you forever and whom you will always love. 


What about opting for a couple of tattoos ideas that are more playful? If you are not into parses, you can go for cute and simpler tattoos like a smiley face and an OK. According to Glaminati, it symbolizes your playful life and how you enjoy spending time together. You can get the tattoo drawn in different colors like black or brown. 


One True Love

Bunnies are small, cute, and adorable, and pairing them with a carrot is a perfect way to show how much you love your partner. You can have them have the bunny and get the carrot. You will never stop smiling every time you look at your wrist. 

Minimalist Set

Symbols are fantastic to have on your body because most people will not interpret them immediately. The Maya letter tattoo is perfect for couples. You can have it in black or gray so that it can be visible on your skin. Though minimalist, couples tattoos should be impactful as well.


You are united by love, so why not have the LOVE tattoo connect you even more? You can separate the word. Have the first two letters LO inked on your wrist or index finger, and your partner can have the last two VE on their index finger. This way, you have to be together for the word to be complete. 


If you do not share culture with your partner, you can look for couple tattoo idea or a tattoo design that allows you to share it on deeper levels. This is an excellent way of creating g unity as your partner gets to know things about your culture and heritage, and you know about theirs. It brings a sense of understanding and tolerance.

For Gamers

Gamers make a perfect match, and you can prove it more to the world through this tattoo. It doesn’t matter how serious your games are. This could be anything from video games to doing adventure together. Celebrate your unique kind of love by having this tattoo printed on your arms. 

Fairy Tale Dream

Most people learned that love exists through fairy tales only to discover that it exists after growing up. You can bring those fairy tale dreams by having a key and lock tattoo with your partner. The tattoo will also make your love grow stronger. 

The Ocean Of Love

An anchor and a wheel or compass show unity in the relationship. One person can have the anchor, and the other one has the wheel. This symbolizes how unified you are in the relationship. As one steers the wheel, the other one anchors to the destination. 


Some people refer to their partners as their sunshine or the light in their life. You don’t have to ink the exact design of the sun with your partner. You can get something different but almost similar to show that you are a pair. 

The Other Half

You do not have to be romantically related to having matching tattoos. You can also do it with your best friend, the parent, or a sibling. One of the best tattoos shows the other half getting half of the avocado without the seed and your partner having the side with the grain.

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