Decision-making: All You Need To Know

Almost everyday, we need to make a decision as a human. Ranging from the clothes we choose to wear, to the food we eat, to places we visit, and several other daily activities; once we make a choice to do something instead of another, we have made a decision.

As easy as this might be, many people have made decisions they live to always regret. This might be caused by several freewill reasons or coercion by some more powerful agents. Either the decision was as a result of freewill or not, a man is solely responsible for the decisions he makes.

Making a decision might demand being able to comport oneself and endure the pains the situation brings to ensure we do not make the wrong decisions. To be sincere, this will require a lot of sacrifices and not everyone can really put up with this. Circumstances affect the way we make decisions at all times. As a matter of fact, we can make two divergent decisions to solve the same problem simply because the problem has occurred at different places. So, before making a decision we need to calm ourselves and study the situation.

Also blaming a person for taking a wrong step might not necessarily be the best thing to do even though he is responsible for the decisions made. There are certain factors that can affect the decisions a person makes apart from circumstances. Even when the conditions are favourable, some people still make the wrong decisions.

It is possible that you are still wondering whether to take a good decision yourself or probably do not know where to start from. Don’t panic, you can always learn how to harness your intellectual power to suit your personal needs and make the right decisions in every aspect of your life. Click here to learn more.

Some of the factors that affect decision making include:

  • Age:Age is just a number” they say, but in the real sense; is it not affecting the way most people think? A person’s age has proven to be one of the determining factors of how well he or she is able to carry out some tasks although we have people of lower ages doing unbelievable things. Still, age influences the power of good decision making.
  • Education: Although decision making might deal with more of personal inclinations, being educated to some extent affects the decisions we make. For instance, an educated person will be able to compare companies’ efficiency before buying shares or investing with them. However, an uneducated person might just decide to go with a company he feels is good probably based on popularity. So, the level of education of a person can determine how good their decisions will be.
  • Advice: The kind of people a person seeks advice from might also affect the decisions of the person. It is as simple as “good advice, good decision; bad advice, bad decision”.

Financial Buoyancy: The difference between two men which makes people refer to one of them as a rich man is “money”. If you are financially stable, there is a high probability that you will take the right decisions since you have enough money to back them up.

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