Do Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes Really Work?

Let’s admit that cleaning the cat litter box is the least desired part of cat parenting. However, with self-cleaning litter boxes, cat owners can have automatic tools for cleaning the mess. When thinking of an electronic device for cleaning cat litter, it is important to consider the device’s make and model, the breed of cat, and the number of cats in a household.  Self-cleaning litter boxes come in a variety of styles and designs. Some of these devices even come with actual flushing systems. 

How Do Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes Work?

Self-cleaning litter boxes come with a waste compartment, flushing system, rakes, or other mechanisms for collecting feline waste. Cat owners are no longer required to make any contact with the urine and feces of their pets. Self-cleaning litter boxes can sense when a cat is using the device and cleans up automatically. 

The idea of self-cleaning litter boxes is to eliminate the need to scoop the litter tray every day. Self-cleaning boxes are particularly helpful for cat owners who work for late hours or are disable or ill.

Self Cleaning Litter Box With Sweeping Function

Cat owners looking for a hands-off approach can try using litter boxes with a sweeping function. These devices come fitted with an automatic raking system that sweeps the litter into a covered compartment. It also has a safety sensor to detect if the cat is returning to the box. Some self-cleaning litter boxes come with silicon crystals that automatically absorb cat feces and urine.

Some manufacturers offer litter boxes that rake the litter & deposit it into a separate waste compartment. Carbon filters help neutralize odors, and silicon crystals prevent the litter from clumping. 

Self Cleaning Litter Box With Flushing Function

Self-cleaning litter boxes with a flushing function are the top choice for cat parents. These devices scoop away, liquefy and flush feline waste out of the home. Some litter boxes come fitted with washable granules made out of synthetic and natural biodegradable compounds. However, the manufacturers warn cat owners to prevent using noisy devices for skittish cats. Other cats may also refuse to use litter boxes with flushing functions because of their noise and vibrations.

Hybrid Self Cleaning Litter Box

Cat parents looking for a more affordable litter box can try hybrid litter cleaning systems. However, these devices can only do some part of the litter cleaning work. Hybrid litter boxes consist of pads and pellets to collect cat feces and urine. Then the owner has to scoop up the waste and replace the absorbent pad underneath. 

Always Use Recommended Cat Litter For Best Performance

Every manufacturer recommends a specific type of cat litter for the proper functioning of the device. If the user refills the device with the wrong litter, then the device might stop functioning. Many times the device gets completely damaged if the user uses cheap quality cat litter. 

Automatic litter boxes are effective. It is only about selecting the right device as per the cat size and elimination habits. Modern litter cleaning devices work without any problem and can last up to two years. This article will surely help cat owners decide on 20 Best Automatic Litter Box For Self Cleaning (2021 Updates) Reviews for their cats.

Ways To Ensure Effectiveness Of Automatic Cleaning Litter Boxes

  • Compare the size of the cat to the size of the litter box
  • Check whether the automatic cleaning function is suitable for the cat’s instinct
  • Pick the right litter box as per the need

Finding the right self-cleaning litter box is not much difficult. Cat owners must consider the important factors while choosing a self-cleaning litter box for their pets.

The selection process is pretty much simple. Most cat owners check the dimensions and outer structure to ensure that they fit the actual litter area and are comfortable for the cat. Besides, every cat has an instinct to cover its litter. Rake-type litter boxes can cause frustration and discomfort in certain breeds of cats. 

Some Scooping Devices Can Manage More Waste Than Others

Cats that excrete more than usual amounts of feces can give the owners a tough time with the litter box. At times self-cleaning litter boxes also fail to manage the amount of waste. Cat owners might need frequent emptying of the compartment when the clumps are collected. It is best to pick an automatic litter box with a rotating mechanism, self-cleaning box, and large waste compartment.

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