Do You Install A Rooftop Solar Panel? – Benefits To Consider

Thinking about the go green roofing options for your home? Rooftop solar panel can be a great option to cut all the energy expenses from your house. Solar panel can cut the exposure of carbon dioxide in the air that greatly affects the natural environment. Unlike other traditional fuels, the roof repair Vaughan says solar panel don’t get mixed with other pollutants present in the air, rather it helps in keeping a good balance on the air. 

You can get so many advantages of installing solar panels on your rooftop. So, make sure to read all the benefits of installing solar panel in your house and enjoy the bliss of nature. 

Saving on cost

This is one of the great advantages of installing rooftop solar panel. The rooftop solar can save up to 17 to 27 percent of energy consumption. Rooftop solar installation is popular worldwide and many residential sectors have attained it. It supplies electricity for the residential building, so the residents can have a great saving on installing solar panels on the roof. 

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Secure investment

Electricity price may fluctuate over time. This is tough to calculate the electricity cost for a particular time period. If the electricity is provided by the solar panels, then this will be easy to calculate the electricity bill. The best part of installing solar panels on rooftop is that, you can assume the electricity cost for next 10 years.  So, no doubt to say that this is a secure investment. 

Attract people who are environment conscious

Try to save planet from carbon footprints and fuel consumption. Installing solar panels from roof repair Vaughan on rooftop can help you in this way. It also attracts clients, employees and customers who are environment conscious and have intention to work with the company that thinks the environment and planet benefits seriously. 

Increase the property value

Solar panels can easily increase the value of your property and you can sell this type of property faster than others. The reason is only here its energy efficiency benefit. If a building has solar panel, then it can produce all the energy needed in the building. That means the short- and long-term operating cost of the building with solar panel is lower than the building that don’t have solar panel. 

Tax credit advantage

Section 179 in tax code speaks a lot. It allows the business to deduct 100 percent of costs on equipment cost and building upgradation cost that includes installation of solar panel. In 2019, the tax credit was 30 percent of the solar panel cost and installation. For 2020, this credit charge is reduced to 26 percent and in 2021, this cost will be 21 percent. After 2021, this credit will be overall 10 percent. 

Save water

For the thermal power plant, the fuel burning heat is utilized in making the water into steam for electricity production. 1 MWH of electricity is produced from 1800 to 3000 litres water. But a solar panel take 75 to 100 litres of water to make 1 MWH electricity. This is no doubt a great saving of electric production with the solar panel installation

Suitable for Indian climate

Rooftop solar panels converts the sunlight to electricity. The Indian Geographacal location is also ideal to receive ample tropical sunlight. Each year, India have more than 300 days with clear skies, so it can be said that Basement renovation Toronto can think India as ideal to utilize more and more rooftop solar installation.

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Jobs with solar panel

Solar installation is considered as the driver of economic development. A study says that in 2014, a U.S company employed 17000 people and the job growth rate was I creased by 20 times by that time. As the solar panels are installed in the cities and towns and it can easily offer job responsibilities to the local people. The non-profit organizations basement renovation Toronto, community colleges and labour unions for training the local people in the solar system. 

Now, you are aware of all the benefits of installing rooftop solar panels in your house. So, why late? Connect your best roofing contractor at roof repair Vaughan and have a discussion about solar panel installation in your house. Go green with nature.

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