How to Get Free Solar Panels Installed in New Jersey

Free solar installation in New Jersey exists for certain homeowners that meet the requirements. Installing a solar system in a home is an expensive undertaking; the average homeowner has to part with at least $15,000 to make this happen. While having such an installation obviously increases a home’s marketplace value, it’s the kind of investment that makes many homeowners balk. Luckily, there are options available to make this process less costly. For example, this New Jersey solar installation company helps with installations that are backed by certain state schemes, making it cheaper for homeowners. 

Free Solar Panels for New Jersey Residents

While it might sound unbelievable, there are programs that make solar panel installation free, while others significantly subsidize the costs involved. As a New Jersey resident, you may be eligible for some of these.

Getting free solar panel installation in New Jersey involves doing a few things. By following these steps, you can get the process started.

Review Your Option

You want to fully understand your options before considering anything. Depending on where you live and whether you’re a homeowner or a business proprietor, you may be eligible for one and not the other. The available options include:

i)Power Purchase Agreement(PPA): This is a common option for those looking for free solar installation in New Jersey, both homeowners and business owners. You agree to a contract with a state-licensed solar energy company. Under the terms of such an agreement, the energy company will install the panels at your house or business free of charge. They’ll then set a fixed price at which you have to purchase the generated electricity from them for a set period. For many people hesitant about paying the associated costs of solar panel installation, this is the easiest and most convenient way of resolving this problem.

ii) The New Jersey Sun: The Public Board of Utilities (BPU) has a special program known as the NJ Sun. This enables people to have free solar panel installation after meeting certain requirements. The NJ Sun is for all New Jersey residents. However, several other countries have similar programs, though with different eligibility criteria.

Find Out About Your Eligibility

There are several details unique to each kind of free solar installation program. You need to understand the terms of each one of them before you can know your eligibility. For this, you’ll need to consult a solar energy expert that understands how such state programs run. It’s usually inadvisable to apply for a specific free solar installation program without understanding the eligibility criteria; you may end up losing precious time and money in the long run.


Once you know you’re eligible for a particular solar installation program in New Jersey, you can then contact a state-licensed installation company to do the job. While your options will be limited to some companies, you’ll at least have guarantees of good workmanship.


The reason many of these programs are popular is that they incentivize homeowners and businesses. The cost of electricity in New Jersey is higher than in most other states. This is one of the major reasons many homeowners are seriously considering switching to solar energy. Many of these programs help people to save on their electricity bills.

The PPA, for example, helps homeowners to save on electricity. The fixed rates offered by the energy company ensure that you get free solar panels while lowering your power bills.

Another common benefit of these programs is tax exemptions.

Solar panel installation is one of those things that instantly increases a home’s value. In some cases, this increase can be as high as 10 percent. Given that property taxes are calculated according to a home’s value, a homeowner can expect an increased property tax after solar installation. However, given the solar drive that is sweeping across the state, homeowners are exempt from increased property taxes as a direct result of solar panel installation in their homes. This is all thanks to favorable legislation.

Solar panel installation also allows you to control your power consumption while making money off of it. The net metering system allows this. It involves selling the excess power generated by your solar panels back to the grid. You get to do this at a retail rate that’s higher than the wholesale one large power companies charge.

All in all, there are benefits to be had from solar panel installations in New Jersey. Your eligibility for the free installation programs can help you save significant amounts of money in taxes, the cost of purchasing solar equipment, and selling power back to the grid.

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