Five dressing tips to keep your child warm in winter

Many parents struggle with dressing their children, especially during the cold winter months. Parents are realizing that it is not easy to match a set of clothes with the right temperature for their children, especially when it comes to children who cannot express their feelings clearly. Wearing too much for fear of getting hot, wearing too little for fear of getting cold, this can be a real tangle, as parents, we have any ideas?

In winter, five tips for children to dress with: 

1. Winter warmth classic with – a warm cotton jacket and an autumn coat 

Once the temperature drops, parents begin to worry about freezing children, so the clothes added one after another. In fact, wear more than necessarily wear warm, children wearing too thick will cause inconvenience, and this is a very troublesome thing for napping in kindergarten, less off a few pieces, the child woke up covered in sweat, more off a few pieces, woke up wearing clothes are very long, and if you spend too much time in wearing clothes is also very easy to catch a cold. Therefore, the child wears an autumn coat inside and a thin cotton jacket with better warmth outside. When you go outdoors, you can put on a down jacket. Try not to wear and thin warmth and bad clothes, even if the effect of wearing more pieces is not good, and very cumbersome.

2. Winter warmth practical equipment – loose cotton pants and fall pants 

Some parents like to buy jeans for their children to wear, especially boys, however, in winter is not appropriate. First of all, jeans are very hard, once inside an extra pair of pants, two legs bending is very difficult, the child is very inconvenient activities. Secondly, jeans are tight-fitting, which is difficult for children to wear. Therefore, it is best to prepare soft cotton pants for your child, which are both soft and warm. The elastic band of cotton pants also stretches a lot, so wearing a pair of fall pants inside the cotton pants is enough. Nowadays, many parents like to give their children tight-fitting thick leggings instead of fall pants, thinking that it is better to keep them warm. In fact, this is very inconvenient for children to put on and take off, and they may even wet their pants because they can’t pull them down. 

3. Picking up and dropping off children must-have items – scarf 

A scarf around the child’s neck can play a very good role in keeping warm. However, when choosing a scarf, be sure to choose a good quality one, because the scarf is almost directly on the skin, so as not to cause skin allergies. In the north, many parents like to give their children a mask or cover their mouth and nose with a scarf, thinking that this will not freeze the child’s face. In fact, this will reduce the adaptability of the child’s upper respiratory tract to cold air, which will increase the probability of contracting colds and flu, bronchitis and other diseases, so parents should not cover the child’s mouth and nose with a scarf for a long time.

4. Always have a warm tool – small vest 

The child wears too bloated, it will be particularly inconvenient when moving, especially the swing of the arms, can not flexibly bend, just like a robot. Therefore, a small vest is the best choice. This also allows you to put on and take off according to the weather conditions. 

5. More items for sweaty babies – socks 

The feet are where the yin and yang meridians meet, and the skin nerve endings are very rich and the most sensitive to the outside world. The child’s feet stay warm to ensure that the body adapts to changes in the external climate. Children who are active are also prone to sweating in winter, and if their feet are sweaty and they do not change their socks in time, children can easily catch cold and get frostbite. Therefore, parents should prepare an extra pair of socks for their children in kindergarten so that the teacher can help them change them in time after they get sweaty. In the choice of socks, it is best to choose cotton texture, which is easier to absorb sweat and less likely to get wet.
There is always a big question about what to wear with your child. Regarding dressing, parents’ greatest wish is to make their children dress safely and comfortably, and nothing else is so important. (Wholesale Kid Clothes

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