All About Einthusan TV and Its Alternatives

Torrent Sites offer an illegal way to download and watch movies and TV shows that are popular on the internet. Those who don’t want to spend much on watching movies in the theatre or are not interested in paying the subscription fees charged by the OTT platform see torrent sites as the option of last resort. Without paying a single penny, users get to watch their favorite movie in high quality. There are numerous torrent sites running on the internet; however, due to their illegal functionality, they keep on getting banned from time to time by the government.

Einthusan has become a popular medium to watch movies on the internet that too in different languages including Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Chinese. If you are looking for a movie that is underrated or is not available easily on the internet, Einthusan TV is for you. The best part is you don’t need to pay anything to watch your favorite movie and by paying a one-time charge, you can enjoy an ad-free experience.

Is Einthusan Banned in India?

Everything was going fine until Einthusan was accused of hosting copyrighted content contrary to the thing mentioned on their official website “Our library consists of over 4000+ legally licensed content from 9 regional languages of India.”  This was the sole reason for which Einthusan got banned in India and if you will try accessing the website in India, this is what you are going to see:

As the Einthusan website hosts the majority of Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu movies that are watched by the majority of Indians, hence it got banned to not promote illegal ways of streaming movies.

Is Einthusan Safe?

Although Einthusan claims it offers legally, it has been charged for hosting copyrighted content. So, if you are looking for a site to access the movies and TV shows legally, you are mistaken. Einthusan is not completely safe as several users have a complaint of getting malware due to the ads they get on the website. So, if you are into legal streaming of movies, you can skip Einthusan and consider the legal alternatives mentioned further in this guide.

Is Einthusan legal?

After the ban happened, most of the Einthusan users were left wondering if the site they were using earlier to download movies was legal or not. Now, as per Einthusan, they only legal and licensed content while if you have used the website anytime, you will know that they charge you an amount for watching pirated content.

How to Use Einthusan?

To get your hands on the latest entertainment content such as movies, web series, TV shows, etc., you can go to the Einthusan website using this link- that is currently working. Simply, login to the website and browse through it to look for your favorite content to download and watch.

Is the Einthusan Website Not Working?

Most of the Einthusan users are still curious to know if Einthusan Website is not working or if it has been completely shut down. The answer is due to facing copyright issues, the website got banned or blocked by regional ISPs in most of the areas including India. So if you are also finding it as banned or blocked, you can go for the alternatives mentioned further in this guide.

How to Unblock Einthusan?

To unblock Einthusan or access the original domain if it has got banned in your area, you can consider using a VPN service that will let you anonymously access the website without getting tracked. The VPN service helps you bypass the country restriction and it encrypts your Internet traffic and protects it from hackers.

Apart from that, you can consider the proxy and mirror sites of Einthusan that work the same way as the original website.

Top 9 Legal Alternatives to Einthusan

Now, if you are sad about Einthusan getting banned, do not as there are alternatives available where you will find a good collection of Indian movies that too from different regions and legally.

 1. Hotstar


Hotstar is so much in trend since the pandemic happened as the platform released all the latest Bollywood movies for the time theaters were not opening. The best replacement for Einthusan, you can download and install Hotstar on your phone as well and stream movies for free. However, to watch the majority of the content available on Hotstar, you will need to pay a subscription fee but that will not feel heavy on your pocket.

The subscription may cost you somewhere around $9.99per month and the site is available in most countries including India, US, Canada, and the UK.


2. Netflix


The second most popular and legal way to watch the latest movies, as well as TV shows, is Netflix. By reaching out to 151 million people in 190 countries, Netflix has gained the title of the world’s leading entertainment services. You name it, Netflix has it. From movies to TV shows, to documentaries, and that too in multiple languages, you can easily spend your weekend binge-watching your favorite show. I guarantee Netflix will not let you miss Einthusan; the least you have to do is to pay the subscription fee and that is also not too much for unlimited entertainment.


3. Eros Now

Eros Now

Another top alternative to Einthusan is Eros Now that again is a top South Asian entertainment network. With its largest movie library, Eros Now can be assessed on most devices including mobile, web, and TV, at the time of your choice. With 12,000 videos designed to entertain you thoroughly, you get a variety of content to choose from such as TV shows, music videos, and audio tracks. Other highlighting features of this platform are- HD quality, multi-language subtitles, downloadable movies, and original episodes; so what are you waiting for?


4. YouTube


How can we miss everyone’s favorite YouTube when we are talking about the largest collection of movies and TV shows. YouTube, a top alternative to Einthusan, has become the world’s largest video sharing and search platform. Will you believe, every minute, more than 500 hours of videos are uploaded to this platform and that too for free? Amazing, isn’t it? However, to watch the latest movies or top TV shows, you will need to pay an amount. Apart from that, you can enjoy content uploaded by new influencers. The highlight is you can even download some of Youtube content to watch offline later.


5. Hungama


Hungama belongs to the ‘90s when there were not many online streaming websites or apps. Although it started off as an online promotion agency, it has now turned into a complete digital entertainment platform. Hungama has a good collection of old as well as the latest movies and not only movies but you can also stream your favorite music, TV shows, short films and so on. The website hosts its content in different regional languages of India; so just go and enjoy your favorite movie.


6. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another good replacement for the Einthusan website as with a minimal subscription fee, you get to enjoy unlimited content that too in multiple languages. Not only movies, but you can also binge-watch the latest web series, TV shows as well as Amazon Originals. It has a good collection of old Bollywood movies as well, so if you are an old soul or want to relive your childhood, go and have the 30-day free trial to Prime video, and I am sure you will end up buying the subscription.


7. Voot


Voot is the home to multiple regional movies including Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada. With an appealing user interface, Voot also hosts many popular TV shows including all their seasons. Moreover, it is free to watch most of its content, so look for your favorite movies and maybe you get lucky to find it there for free. Also, if you need your daily dose of news, Voot has it all for you.


8. Sony Liv

Sony Liv

Sony Liv is another top contender in this list of legal Einthusan alternatives as it hosts not only movies but you also get to watch shows, sports, and the latest episodes of TV shows. Most of the content is available for free, however, you may need to buy a subscription to watch the latest movies or TV shows but when it is about legal streaming, nothing comes free.


9. Spuul


Spuul has a great collection of Bollywood movies and if you are looking for an Einthusan alternative, this will make a great choice for you. The highlight of this online streaming platform is that you can even download the movie you liked to watch offline later. Also, the website is accessible on all devices and the website guarantees a seamless viewing experience.


Wrap Up

So I think I gave enough options to compensate for the loss of the Einthusan website. Also, why pay to watch pirated content when you can watch that legally as well. Choose the alternative that better suits your taste and start binge-watching.

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