Electronic Cigarettes – What is the Deal?

In the last years, a new trend arose in many European cities. Instead of grey smoke and full ashtrays, a lot of young people sit in bars and cafés talking with a small, elegant device in their hands: the electronic cigarette. The device, along with the e-liquid is available in many stores and as well in many online shops as Terpy for example. If you have never tried it, you might have been asking yourself: what´s the deal with the e-cigarette and why it became so popular? In this article you will learn about some characteristics of this product, which will help you to understand why it is so trendy.

It smells and you smell differently

Passing by a group of people with electronic cigarettes in their hands, you might have noticed that the typical grey smoke is missing. The reason is that the electronic cigarette works differently than a normal one. In this respect, you might have heard the verb vaping, which describes the act of inhaling an electronic cigarette.

In fact, basically, you cannot “smoke” the e-cig, because there is nothing burning inside. This is why It required a new verb, namely to vape. Vaping comes from the word vapour and refers to the only fume that you see coming out of it: warmed up e- liquid.

This happens through a so-called atomizer, a small component inside, which makes it possible to avoid the classic tobacco combustion and much of the harmful impact connected with this process. In fact, in the normal act of smoking a lot of chemicals and also the paper is burned along with the tobacco with additional side effects on human health.

Not producing smoke, the electronic cigarette also helps to mitigate one of the most negative aspect of smoking: the smell.

The vapour emitted by the electronic cigarette has overall a less pungent smell than the normal one. Furthermore, vapour does not stick to hair, skin and textiles like real smoke, so you are less likely to carry it with you when you enter a room.

Of course, you can still smell something that can annoy people with a sensitive nose, but it is much less intrusive than a normal cigarette. Since e-liquids are available in different flavours, the smell also depends on what you buy.

Flavoured e-liquids

If you think about it, is logical. We all have different tastes, and that is why almost every product allows some scale of personalization. Classic cigarettes do not offer much space to individual preferences, maybe you prefer one brand or another, but basically what you taste is mere tobacco.

This is exactly the reason why some people at some point change to electric cigarettes. Since there is plenty of varieties among which it is possible to choose, you are more likely to find the one with a more pleasant touch for you and the people around you.

Speaking of variety, there are so many options, that some of them will surprise you. If you have a sweet tooth, you can find for example creamy flavours like cookies, Irish coffee, and coffee cream, or more fruity options like the popular bubble-gum and peach jam.

Of course, e-liquid with more tobacco notes, are also available. So, if you actually grew fond of the classic cigarette’s taste, you can still go for them. In fact, flavours is not the only reason why it might be worth to say goodbye to normal cigarettes and try the electronic one.

Adjustable nicotine content

The advantages of electronic cigarettes over the classic ones are not limited to smell and flavour. Although vaping is still not medically advisable, it is less unhealthy than smoking. In fact, it contains a smaller and trackable amount of chemicals, meaning less side effects on the human body, as it is also stated by some scientific journals.

Another additional advantage of the electronic cigarette is that it is possible to buy e-liquid with different nicotine contents. Nicotine is the responsible substance for the cigarette addiction. It is nicotine that asks your body for more and make it is so hard to stop smoking overall.

Since electronic cigarettes give users the possibility to adjust the nicotine levels, some people find it a good way to gradually quit this habit, avoiding the trauma to say definitely goodbye all at once.

Elegant design

Last but not least, electronic cigarettes are very discreet and elegant, so that vaping devices became a very trendy accessory.

If you became curious, and you would like to give it a try, you will certainly find the design that better suit you, being able to choose between smaller and slender, or more imponent ones. Once you find the model that better reflects your personality, you can add the flavour that tickles more your palate, and maybe gradually diminish the nicotine content.

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