Get To Know Your Lace Wigs

How many types of lace wigs do you know? Nowadays, the number of laces wigs has increased to four classes on the market:

  • Lace Front wigs
  • Monofilament wigs
  • Fall Lace wigs
  • 100% Hand Tied wigs.

This article will look at two of the laces wigs, Lace Front wigs and Fall Lace wigs. They are common in today’s market, with most ladies preferring them over other lace wigs.

When purchasing a wig, there are decisions you need to make. The first decision is selecting your wigs between two wig textures: the synthetic and the human hair. You will choose your desired wig according to your skin tone color and favorite style in both materials. In comparison to human hair wigs, a synthetic wig is cheap.

However, the wig tends to look fake and does not serve you in the long term. Contrary to that, the human hair wig is so expensive with a realistic look and helps you for a long time.

Secondly, when purchasing wigs, check the type of cap is used for the wigs. It is crucial because a good hat is what makes you feel comfortable when wearing a wig. There are several different types of wig caps to choose from, but the most popular one is a lace cap. Many ladies prefer it because it allows your head to breathe and no sweating.

The main difference between lace front wigs and the full lace wigs is a lace base. Just as the name suggests, the lace front wig has a front lace base, while in a full lace wig, the lace base covers the whole scalp.

Full lace wigs’ main advantage is that they stand out in a very natural and realistic appearance. When positioned to take your head’s shape, they are indistinguishable and can take any hairstyle just like real hair. Some ladies suggest that the full lace wig makes them feel uncomfortable. The leading cause of feeling uncomfortable is how you attach the wig to the head.

You can get a natural and beautiful appearance by just spending too little time putting it on. A lace base covers from ear to the other, covering the real front hairline.  

There is a lace front with baby hair where they appear to have originated from the scalp; no one can tell you are wearing a wig. A lace front wig also allows the scalp to breathe, making you feel natural and comfortable in one. A lace front is ideal for ladies with thick hair.

All lace wigs are affordable; all you need is to budget for them. However, a lace front is much cheaper for everyone. To get the right natural hair wig, choose a reputable dealer like Nadula Human Hair. Our hair is 100% natural giving you the best in a pure look.

If you don’t have time to visit our store to buy your wig, you can do online shopping, which is the right and easy choice. Our wigs are well detailed to ensure you get the right choice.

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