How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are some of the most tenacious house pests known to man. Not only are they challenging and time-consuming to eradicate, but they are also a pestering presence in our homes, negatively affecting our overall comfort. Eradicating them is a complex yet possible process. Successfully dealing with them for good depends on many factors, including the extent of their presence in your neighborhood, the number of potential hiding places, the steps you take towards eradicating them, the pest control company you choose for Bed Bug Treatment London, among others. It requires a multifaceted and collective approach that demands professional help. Below are some steps to eradicate the bedbug menace in your home. 

Before you begin, it is also important for you to know how to select a pest control service in the first place.

#Step 1: Confirm the Presence and Population of Bed Bugs 

Many people become extremely anxious the moment they have a mere suspicion of bed bugs in their home and, in confusion, rush to deal with a problem that may not even exist in the first place. You may have had unrelated bite marks or itchiness caused by other reasons that made you think there were bed bugs in your home while there weren’t.

The surest way to confirm the presence of bed bugs is to look out for their characteristic signs, such as brown-black stains from digested blood within your bedding material or on the bed frame. Another is to physically inspect their presence by using a flashlight and looking out for either actual bed bugs or their brownish cast skins on the crevices and seams of your bed and mattress. It’s hard to find actual bed bugs, especially during the day. If you can spot them easily, that’s an indicator that their population has exploded, and it’s pertinent to engage professionals right away.

#Step 2: Contain the Spread 

After identifying and confirming their presence, the next crucial step is to mitigate their spread. This should be done as soon as possible since bed bug populations often explode in a short time frame. One popular way to contain them is by using a vacuum to suck them up in every area of the house where their presence has been detected. Ensure to wash all affected beddings and other linen in hot water and dry them. 

#Step 3: Eradicate the Bed Bugs 

There are many ways to kill off bed bugs, but the best possible approach is to employ more than one strategy. They consist of both natural home remedies and conventional bed bug treatments. Some common natural home remedies include;

  • Heat or Cold Treatment – involves using both temperature extremes to kill off bed bugs. Wash bedding or clothing for at least 30 minutes in hot water to kill bed bugs. Alternatively, soak them in a freezer for at least 4 days.  
  • Steam Treatment – involves using a steamer in all potential hideouts, such as mattresses and carpets. 
  • Use Bed Bug Proof Covers to conceal your mattress, trapping the bed bugs in it and ultimately killing them off. 

Conventional methods include;

  • Using Insecticides as a fast way to kill off bed bugs. Examples include pyrethrins and pyrethroids.
  • Using Dessicants to destroy the protective coating of bed bugs ultimately kills them. 

#Step 4: Monitor Infested Areas 

There is no instant solution to the bed bug menace, and even the most effective strategies may take weeks or even months to eradicate them. Have a complete checklist with all infested areas and inspect them regularly to see how the treatment worked. If you start noticing signs of bed bug activity from these areas, repeat the treatment. 

#Step 5: Engage Professionals 

Many bed bugs have developed resistance to many available insecticides, and eradicating them might take a while, even for professionals. The good thing is that professionals will have the upper hand due to their experience removing them from homes. They will use a variety of treatment options spread out over multiple visits, as well as numerous bug detectors and inspections. A trained pest removal technician will also be in a position to identify the chief cause of the infestation and seal entryways or advise you on the best way to deal with it. 

Getting rid of bed bugs can be easy with the help of a pest control service. There is no need to throw away or burn your beddings or furniture. All you have to do is consult with pest control experts from a reputable company and leave the rest to them. 

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