What Should a Guest Wear to a Summer Wedding?

Weddings are grand and joyful celebrations. Everybody enjoys them. From tablecloth linens to bridal dress, everything is decided beforehand. This is evident with how many designers have a wedding collection of dresses for both the brides and grooms. 

However, it is not easy to decide which clothes to wear. For the bride, they take days or even weeks to choose a wedding dress. They even take longer to be produced. The bridesmaids’ dresses also take a long time to decide and to make. 

While guests do not need months to prepare for what they have to wear, they do still need to prepare. This is why this article is here. It’s to help you decide what type of clothes to wear and what to avoid.

What Does the Invitation Say?

Typically, wedding invitations tell you what the recommended attire is. Most wedding invitations indicate semi-formal or formal style as their dress code. That’s helpful, yes, but it is too general. 

The question you should ask after finding out the recommended attire is what the wedding theme is. This is to narrow down your choices of what to wear for the wedding. 

Here are some of the most well-known wedding themes there are:

  • Garden theme
  • Woodland forest theme
  • Beach theme
  • Fairy tale theme
  • Vintage theme
  • Rustic country theme
  • Winter wedding theme
  • Fall/Autumn wedding theme
  • Spring wedding theme
  • Summer wedding theme

It would help if you informed yourself of these themes since they are common. Besides, you would probably get invited to a wedding with any of them. Moreover, those themes will most likely reflect what kind of wedding collection the soon-to-be-married couple will use. This will then give you hints on what you should or should not wear. 

What Should You Wear For a Summer Wedding?

After figuring out the wedding theme, in this case, a summer wedding, you can narrow down your clothing choices to wear for the wedding. 

Summer weddings are typically held in the late afternoon, just before sunset. They are held before sunset to add to the beauty and joy of the occasion. Therefore, your attire should be perfect for a late afternoon to late evening ceremony. 

The notable colors you can wear as a guest for a summer wedding would be soft yet lively colors. Remember to take note of the color scheme of the wedding as well. 

It would be better to choose a color that would not clash with the color scheme but not something that would make it seem like you are part of the ceremony. As a guest, it would be better to wear something that is connected to the color scheme. 

For women, a simple dress with an A-line hem would do well. A chic dress is a safe bet, but it should not be too short or too long. Moreover, take a shawl with you since the ceremony would last until late evening. As for shoes, high heels are still the way to go.

For men, a suit with breathable fabric is recommended. Despite it being a summer wedding, it does not mean you should wear shorts. The suit is still the go-to attire for men. 

As for the suit colors, go for light-colored suits with a complimenting necktie. The dress shirt should be solid-colored and should go along well with the color scheme of the wedding. If you opt for a patterned dress shirt, make sure it’s not tacky. For shoes, always go for leather shoes. 

What Should You Not Wear?

After learning about what you should wear, you should also know about what you shouldn’t. For one, you should not upstage the couple. 

If you are a woman, you should not wear white to upstage the bride. If you are a man, you should not wear a black tuxedo to upstage the groom. It’s a simple rule to follow. 

The second thing to remember is to not wear anything too revealing even if the wedding location is hot. For men, you should not open your dress shirt buttons up to your chest despite the weather. For women, your dress should be knee-length and nothing shorter. 

Next is no denim. Always opt for trousers or dresses. You should not wear all black clothes as well, because people wear this color for mourning. It would also be too hot to wear at a summer wedding.  
Those are some of the should not you should take note of. Overall, getting an invitation to a wedding is a heart-warming thing. It is common courtesy to dress up appropriately and enjoy the occasion at hand.

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