Guide for Off-Page SEO

There are various different forms of SEO a digital marketer can work on to improve a business’ website or online content. Ranging from stuff such as white hat SEO to on-page optimization, and even optimizing for voice search, there are a lot of specific little things that can be done, which all have a huge effect on how well things rank. 

One form of SEO that can be very important due to its potential for building good authority and trust is off-page SEO. In a nutshell, this term boils down to all the SEO stuff a digital marketer can implement that happens away from the business’ site. It’s perhaps one of the hardest types of SEO to implement; so to help people do so, here’s a quick guide for off-page SEO for a business

What Is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO is all the SEO that happens away from a business’ website. For the majority of people, off-page SEO begins and ends at link building, and although that is a big, vital chunk of this type of search engine optimization, there’s actually a lot more that can be done that falls in this category. 

Off-page SEO also includes the use of content marketing and the use of podcasts, which is becoming an increasingly useful method of gaining both revenue and brand awareness for a lot of businesses. Reviews are another form of off-page SEO and can come in the form of testimonials on different websites, or simply Google reviews. However, the most-used form of off-page SEO is by far social media marketing. It falls in this category because everything done on it is separate from the main business website, however, the activity done on the platform can help create links and boosts SEO, making it one of the most effective forms of off-page SEO. 

Why Do You Need Off-Page SEO?

Without off-page SEO, your business will struggle to rank on competitive keywords. This means that your business will find it really difficult to get organic traffic to the website, meaning that the business won’t grow as effectively and that competitors will get more traffic than yourself.

Links to your website are one of Google’s top three ranking factors when determining where your page ranks, meaning that without focusing on this type of SEO, you simply won’t rank. One of the best ways to quickly improve your off-page SEO is to hire a white label service like, which can create lots of links fast on behalf of your business. 

Off-Page SEO Techniques 

1. Link Building. 

This is where you build brand authority by getting various other websites and blogs to write articles that feature links back to your business website. 

2. Guest Posting 

Related to link building, writing content on different websites is a great way to not only get your brand in front of a different audience but can also improve your SEO as these posts can also link to your website. 

3. PR 

Public Relations isn’t always considered as off-page SEO, but it’s a great way to build links. You can use PR to promote great stories and related links, and you can earn a significant volume of links as a result of this. 

These three techniques are probably the most important, however, other off-page SEO tactics include brand building, local SEO, social media, forums, influencer marketing, events, podcasts, reviews, and content syndication.

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