A Guide to QA Testing

All software development requires QA testing, but it can be hard to know how to go about this. Consider this your complete guide to QA testing.

Definition of QA Testing

QA stands for quality assurance. QA testing refers to the process of examining software to ensure functionality, organization, and effectiveness in its operation. 

Businesses perform QA testing to offer the best product possible, free of errors or weak spots. 

QA testing allows the software developers and QA team to implement standards and procedures. Therefore, all software and products arrive at the same quality level, which is as high as possible.

Best QA Testing Practices

Read the advice below for QA testing so you can create the best product possible.

Outsource Your Testing

You may be better off outsourcing your testing if you don’t have an experienced in-house QA team with software testing knowledge.

When you outsource your QA testing, a third party with fresh eyes and high expertise checks the software. Many businesses outsource QA testing to XBO Software Testing Company, as they have a superb team of QA software testers.

Test Early and Often

Test software frequently when developing it. If you work on software for months or years and wait until the very end to run a QA test, you may have to scrap significant components and start again, wasting time and resources.

When working on a software development project, set scheduled QA tests so you can catch errors before they become more substantial problems.

Plan Ahead

Since it is imperative that you test early and often, you should use a rigid QA testing schedule. Create a QA testing plan featuring either hard dates or checkpoints in the development process. 

The plans should include what tests you will run and what environments you will run the software through. 

These plans ensure organized and efficient testing, and it helps everyone working on the project stay on the same page and communicate properly. QA testing plans should include the following:

  • Performance expectations (pass/fail criteria)
  • Scheduled date or checkpoint
  • Tests to be performed

Test Management Tools

Utilize several test management tools, such as data integration tests, unit tests, regression tests, and more. 

Using multiple tools and creating different testing environments, such as manual or automated, allows you to monitor how your software performs in various scenarios.

Focus on Team Communication

Testing plans and tools lose most of their value if QA team members do not communicate effectively

After a QA test is performed or outsourced, all results and errors found must be thoroughly reported on and documented. Otherwise, weak spots and errors may go unresolved, leading to subpar software. 

The QA team should note the results of all tests, and other team members should review the results before moving forward in the development process.

Final Note

QA testing should not be left on the back burner or skipped over. On the contrary, it’s an essential aspect of successful software development. 

Use this guide to create a clear and effective strategy for QA testing or outsource your QA testing for optimal results.

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