New to Freelancing?- Tips for First-Time Freelancers

How can a Freelancer start fresher?

In today’s dynamic job market, freelancing is not only an attractive career option but also a trend for those who choose to have more control and independence in their work field. According to recent market trends, many companies are also shifting their interest in hiring a freelancer in India as they can get talented professionals at more affordable rates for the time they require. Thus, in recent years, a substantial increase in the number of freelance jobs in India has been witnessed.

Freelancing provides the flexibility of time, independence, and freedom to choose one`s own client thus, completely differentiating freelancing from the other traditional fields of employment. Additionally, freelancers are not considered as employees by a company or organization but successful operators of service themselves. It also allows people to work according to their capacity without taking undue pressure and tension on themselves.

But as we know, a good start is the stepping stone to success. As a beginner, one should have a complete idea of the field of freelancing to know how to succeed as a freelancer.

Firstly, an individual must know his skills and talents and have expertise in them. The next step is building an online portfolio on different and best-freelancing sites of India with your social media accounts. Having a good market reputation and communication skills along with the competencies to enhance performances and proving creativity are some of the essential qualities a beginner should have to start as a freelancer. A good profile with ample education of your skill paired with enthusiasm, dedication, and motivation goes a long way.

Hire a freelancer in India

Statistics show that the rate of freelancers is higher in India. As it gives freedom to work, freelancing becomes the top priority. So, freelancers can be found in every field. They are self-employed and they get paid for their work only. There is no burden of over-time work, which serves as icing on the cake. 

There are different sites available for freelancers, to begin with, and enhance their skills. Through these sites, the freelancers can crack a deal by bidding their rates as per the projects of the clients. Different services are available such as laundry service, design, photography, salon service, etc. It all boils down to how one can market his skills and stand out among the crowds.

Best freelancing sites for India

The Internet plays a major role in the field of freelancing by providing numerous platforms and sites awarding ample opportunities for freelancers to get in touch with employers and vice-versa. Some of the frequently visited sites in India include –

  • Freelancer – One of the oldest freelancing sites in India. Some of the projects offered here are basically of data entry, writing, etc.
  • Upwork – A popular platform not only in India but on a global level. High-end projects can be found here, one just needs to be patient to crack the nuts.
  • Fiverr – Another recognized and frequently used platform with a rating system for the freelancers where they can be given ratings by the employers on completion of the projects for future reference.
  • Rockerstop – A promising freelancing website for including various projects related to services like home salon, laundry service, teachers, trainers, etc.
  • Truelancer – A freelancing platform that includes projects on software development, sales, and marketing, writing, translation, data entry.
  • Engineer Babu- As suggested by the name, it is a freelancing platform that caters majorly to technical operatives like engineers and provides jobs relating to the field of IT, QA, etc.

Freelance jobs in India

The most common freelance jobs in India are in the field of sales, marketing, and content development, which includes digital and affiliate marketing, content writing, editing, and development, etc. There are also jobs available in creative industries that include roles in graphic design, website development, and photography. There are also several jobs available in service-based industries like consulting, insurance, translation.

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