Staff Assessment: How Digitization Can Help You

What methods do you use for personnel evaluation in the company? Do you know which ones are the most effective?

Success in your business is only possible when you can have a full awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of your workers. For this reason, various methods have been developed to evaluate, on a regular basis: the performance, skills, and capabilities of employees.

Evaluation can take place in several ways. You can ask the employees themselves to self-evaluate, just as you can entrust the task to managers or external specialized figures. The important thing is that from the conducted analysis emerge those areas in which a worker must improve to increasingly prove to be a real resource for your company.

In this article, we will delve into employee appraisal trying to understand which are the most effective methods to carry it out and why it is so important.

Staff Evaluation: Why It Matters 

Before seeing some examples of personnel evaluation, let us briefly recall what it meant and why it is important to prepare some personnel evaluation forms to be used when necessary. 

Scorecards are an essential tool for measuring a worker’s current level of preparedness and performance. The results that emerge help you make important decisions that involve both your company and the workers themselves. 

To give some examples, you might need to know why some departments in the company are struggling to achieve the desired results, or why you are receiving some negative feedback and reviews. 

Or again, you might be interested in knowing if all workers have the right digital skills to start using innovative software and tools, or you are thinking of rewarding some workers who have particularly distinguished themselves, or you simply want every employee to know exactly which areas to improve. 

Depending on your needs, employee evaluation helps you make better decisions that are always oriented towards the growth of staff and consequently of the entire organization. 

Personnel Evaluation: The Graphic Scales 

The first method for evaluating employees that we present to you is the Graphic Rating Scale Method. You can use this method before making decisions such as: 

  • Promote a worker 
  • Increase salary 
  • Assign new tasks 

This is an assessment that you can conduct yourself or entrust to the managers or heads of each department. In practice, the method consists in assigning a score, generally from 1 to 10, regarding: 

  • The skill level of the worker 
  • The ability to achieve goals 
  • The personality of the worker 

PERSONNEL evaluation: BARS Method 

The BARS method, from the English Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales, also known as a behavioral rating scale, is an example of an assessment focused on the attitudes and behaviors of company personnel. 

Unlike the previous methods, therefore, you focus on only one aspect. Similarly to the previous methods, for each aspect you wish to evaluate, you must use a rating scale divided into 3 – 5 or 7 different levels. 

Personnel Evaluation: Quizzes and Tests 

If you are looking for a method as objective as possible to evaluate employees in the company, you should think about using the classic forms made up of tests and quizzes to answer. You can then prepare some factsheets to submit to your workers including: 

  • Multiple choice questions 
  • True or false questions 
  • Open questions 
  • Exercises to do 

In other words, it is a matter of creating real tests. In doing so, you eliminate any bias that could influence the manager’s assessment skills. The results collected can be useful for planning which training courses to follow and for setting up reskilling or upskilling actions. 

How Can Technology Help You?

There are several methods to evaluate employees in the company, however, many of them are time-consuming, and others are difficult to implement. Technology today allows you to evaluate personnel and performance in a simple, objective way, helping you to make decisive decisions for the future of your organization. 

The all-in-one factorial software, among the many features, also includes the ability to evaluate the skills and business performance of each individual employee. Then click you can: 

  • Create goals to achieve 
  • Establish OKRs and KPIs 
  • Evaluate performance   


Periodically evaluating the workers, as we have seen, is essential both to maintain dialogue and constant discussion between you and the workers and to ensure that all employees develop and grow in line with your expectations. 

It is essential for human resources in the company to know what you expect from them and how they can improve. The reviews, monthly, quarterly, or annually, in this sense, represent one of the most effective tools to be used today to improve productivity, grow the business, and increase transparency in the company.

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